Sophisticated French Cuisine

Sophisticated French Cuisine

Found in a Parisien chocolatier in Hong Kong

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When we think of refined French cookery, our minds do not immediately go to an outlet that is famous for their Parisien hot chocolate. It is for this reason we were refreshingly surprised by the standard of food served at Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier, on Lyndhurst Terrace in central Hong Kong. 

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Created in conjunction with the prestigious Maison Escoffier, Jean-Paul Hévin’s “Chocolate Tasting Journey" menu allows diners to discover the complementary flavours of chocolate and savouries.

Highlights of the “Chocolate Tasting Journey“ menu include cream of peas and mint, cream foam, and cocoa powder, which perfectly illustrates how each sip of lightly flavoured mint soup is enhanced by the gentle dust of cocoa powder.

A pan-seared scallop with white chocolate follows. This dish balances the delicateness of the sea scallop with the rich and creamy taste of the chocolatey white butter. 

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Roasted cod filet with black olive crust, saffron and extra-bitter dark chocolate sauce, with sautéed spinach signals the main course of the tasting journey. Although far too salty when we tried it, we loved the flavours and textures of the crunchy chocolate and tender fish. The savoury portion of the meal ends with chicken fillet with ceps and chocolate praline; chicken cooked sous vide and thus deliciously tender, providing an ideal canvas for the chocolate garnish. 

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The journey would not be completed without Jean-Paul Hévin’s signature sweet touch. A plateau gourmandises, or the French version of petits fours, featuring a selection of JPH's signature chocolate bonbon, macaroon, and two square tablets closes the epicurean adventure, alongside Jean-Paul's signature le Parisien hot chocolate.

Priced at $380, the eight course “Chocolate Tasting Journey” is available from Monday to Sunday, from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For those who prefer a concise experience, they can opt for the 5-course “initiation menu”, priced at $250.

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Jean-Paul Hévin

13 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central / 2851 0633


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