7 of the Best Breakfasts in Hong Kong

7 of the Best Breakfasts in Hong Kong

This top list is an ode to breakfast

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Sometimes, we don’t want free flow Veuve Clicquot at 11 in the morning. Sometimes, an all you can eat Thai buffet is just overwhelming. Sometimes, we would prefer not to look at Victoria Harbour with all its shimmering wonder from the 392nd floor, while helping ourselves to a smorgasbord of berries, Greek yoghurt with sparkles, and granola made with chia seeds that have been soaked in the rays of an eclipsing sun and a mix of coconut water with the slow-drip-fermented tears of Aphrodite. No, sometimes all we want is a nice poached egg with some sourdough soldiers. This top list is an ode to breakfast. One course. One price. Pull yourself from your fluffy cocoon (unless you have decided you’re quitting life to become a burrito) on a weekend morning BEFORE 10am, pop on your leather jacket (because it is getting to be an arctic 20 degrees) and pop down to one of these relaxed breakfasteries. Here are 7 of the best breakfasts in Hong Kong:

Aberdeen Street Social

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Salmon flatbread at Aberdeen Street Social

The not-so-new kids on the block are continually kicking goals in the culinary world, and we assert that for a straightforward breakfast, there are few more well-executed dishes than those found in this trendy, multi-layered PMQ staple. Our favourites are the eggs on sourdough ($78) with grilled mushrooms (add an extra $25). The mushrooms are herby, the eggs rich and runny and the rocket that garnishes gives a wonderful peppery kick. We also find their flatbreads a great treat, with the creative likes of smoked onion, goat curd and king oyster mushroom ($108), and London cured smoked salmon, broccoli and ricotta ($128) intensely satisfying. Their juices (all $75) are a bit all right too!

G/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, 2866 0300


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House-made granola at Teakha

If you have yet to venture to this den of tea fantasy, we highly recommend it for your next weekend undertaking. The cosy little shop sells myriad numbers of brews (our personal favourite being the masala chai) and their breakfasts are quite indulgent. Everything is pretty much under $50 too, which is a pleasant surprise for your wallet. Go the banana pancakes, house-made granola or the roselle scone.

Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan Road SOHO, Sheung Wan; 2858 9185

St Germain

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Eggs benedict at St Germain

This is one you can go to for under $100! Saint-Germain has recently opened for breakfast and is serving selections suggested by Chef Jerome Abraham. From 10am to 12pm, everyday, they are dishing up traditional French options like a simple baguette with jam and butter ($38), eggs benedict ($78) and a lovely Gruyere omelette ($70). In the peaceful Happy Valley, you can perch up on a high table facing the racecourse, or comfortably on a sofa. We think it is a top spot for a mild Sunday.

G/F, 1A Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley; 2836 6131

The Australian Dairy Company

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Australian Dairy Company  Source of Image: Eat and Be Merry Blogspot

This is famed the Jordanian (in the Kowloon sense, not so much the Middle East) café that CONSTANTLY has queues upon queues out the front. This might be owing mainly the self-feeding nature of queues in Hong Kong, that tend to cyclically recreate themselves due to their mere existence, but also due to their famous eggs on toast. Simple you say? Why yes, they are. They take about eleven seconds to deliver the breakfasty treat, which consists of the fluffiest bread you ever did taste (we’re talking akin to eating a pillow fluffy) and eggs that are miraculously well seasoned and silky smooth. Get in line to try the $15 phenomena, and we will construct a queuing culture to rival that of Mr Ansel’s Cronut in Manhattan…

G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan; 2730 1356

Classified in Tai Hang

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Communal table at Classified Tai Hang

Classified is everywhere, yes we know. There are twelve in fact, and they are something of an old, reliable favourite to Hong Kongers. Stretching all the way from Stanley to Sai Kung (and even Jakarta if you fancy it). But we like the one in Tai Hau (which is a short stroll from Tin Hau MTR stop) because there is a lovely big square table in the middle that makes for some fine communal dining (and other great cafes in the area for an amble around afterwards). Then there is their signature classified breakfast ($103) with a killer English sausage and really thick cut bacon, and for the healthy veggies an egg white frittata with mediterranean vegetables ($52). We also love the toasted rye bread with cottage cheese, vine cherry tomatoes, red radishes & spring onions ($53). This being said, the one in Exchange Square next to IFC has almond milk for your coffees ($26) and smoothies, which is a rarity (still) in this city. In Sheung Wan, throw a super smoothie (all around $45) into the mix (we love the bee pollen)! With Classified, it’s all about finding what you like and then frequenting that tailored chain.

1-9 Lin Fa Kung Street West, Tai Hang; 2857 3454


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Rosti at Kinsale

Kennedy Town is quickly becoming a hot Foodie destination, with plenty of recent openings including Kinsale, a friendly neighbourhood eatery that has risen to become a local favourite. Curb-side to the water’s edge on New Praya, Kinsale focuses on family-oriented comfort food. Beautifully designed by Kinney Chan, the 3000 sq ft space, with its soaring high ceilings and its rustic yet stylish nautical theme, oozes down-to-earth refinement. We have tried and enjoyed the American-style banana pancakes with apple-wood smoked bacon and maple syrup ($88), the spring onion rosti with grilled asparagus, zucchini and poached egg ($88), the egg benedict with ham ($98), and the sweetcorn fritters with citrus cured salmon, eggs and spinach ($88). A little more work on the menu is needed, but the restaurant is still very new. Overall, it’s set in a great location with a welcoming atmosphere.

Shop 3, Ground Floor of New Fortune House, 3-5 New Praya, Kennedy Town, 2796 6004


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Vegemite pizza at Wagyu

Another old favourite–there are few that would contest the consistency and value of Wagyu, even this far along in the piece. Our props go to the fruit bowl for $100, which might sound a bit naff given you can achieve a similar result with a knife and a local fruit vendor (referring to breakfast here and nothing more), but theirs is fresh and humongous and focuses on the rather important fruits like mango; get one to share. Then one for the Aussies, but not really as none of us actually eat this with any regularity at home, the Vegemite pizza for $95, which consists of a crispy base lathered with bubbly grilled cheese and that famous yeasty spread, Vegemite. It is much like a Vegemite and Coon (which is an Australian cheese brand, just to clarify) sandwich only in pizza form, which is like all one’s childhood dreams coming true at once. The Bloody Good Mary is also, ah, bloody good.

G/F, 3 The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central; 2525 8805



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