The Foodie Startup Diaries: Purple 9 Wine

The Foodie Startup Diaries: Purple 9 Wine

A boutique and organic wine supplier

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 22 May '15

Foodie loves startups, especially when we unearthed loads of them last year. We revel in the chance to show off their passion for specialist ingredients, thoughtful cooking techniques and indulgent treats.

While we were preparing for the Foodie Market on April 18th, we found some new talent who turned up loads of things we wanted to eat.

Hong Kong loves wine, and is supported by a significant amount of merchants and consumers. An outstanding business amongst these is the boutique Purple 9 Wine. A supplier of quality boutique wines as well as a good selection of organic and biodynamic wines.

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Purple 9 Wine wants to offer the people of Hong Kong an opportunity to spend the same money they would in a supermarket but for a much better quality wine, supporting smaller producers and ensuring that you get more grape in your glass.

They have been at it since mid-2013, and are steadily gaining repute for their delicious and thoughtful vino. We chat with the founders and discover what makes these drinkers tick. 

Where did the inspiration for your business come from?

We used to spend almost every weekend catching up with our friends, socialising over some veImage titlery lovely wines. One day, we had the opportunity of sampling a couple of quality organic wines. We found there weren't many labels sold in Hong Kong, and from that moment decided to bring in more.

Is it just organic wine you supply?  

On our first business trip to South Australia, we also met with winemakers from smaller wineries, and we decided to include them in our portfolio as well. 

What is the ultimate vision for Purple 9 Wine?

To be the main supplier of boutique and organic wines from around the world in Hong Kong.

Are there some life lessons you have learnt that can help you achieve this?  

Always listen to your instincts. Avoid uninspiring and negative people at all costs.

Why are you so passionate about this?

The boutique and organic wineries we represent are families who produce not just great, but award winning, wines. And as their labels have yet to be recognized by many, we want to get to a point where Hong Kong consumers will appreciate them like they would wines from bigger producers. We feel like we are championing those who are lesser known.  

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How do you start your day?

With coffee, about 20-mins exercise, protein shake and coffee again.

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And what time does your day normally begin? 

It varies from between 6am to 8am depending on what I’ve been up to the night before.

What did breakfast look like this morning?

I was treated by my wonderful chef aka husband to scramble eggs with leek, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes on toast.

Well that sounds fantastic! What would you say is your guilty pleasure? 

A very marbled ribeye steak with a great Shiraz wine.

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Delicious. Finally, what is unique about Purple 9 Wine?

Our products are family-owned boutique and organic. These wines are made by winemakers who are very passionate about their product, environment and respect for the winemaking process. 

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