Hong Kong Juice Cleansing Day 1

Hong Kong Juice Cleansing Day 1

We all have to start somewhere

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Foodie  Foodie  | almost 4 years ago

We’ve agreed to a 5 day juice cleanse that will see 2015 kickstarted in the Foodie office!

We will track three of our days in the cleansing program, giving insight into the physiological changes and offering a chance for you to watch from afar before plunging into the cleanse yourself. We are grateful to Punch Detox for the cleanse this time around! We love this cleanse especially due to the thoroughness and how relatable the two female founders are, who, after achieving high levels of academic achievement, collated their experience and created a specialised juice cleansing experience.

Ann and Angela, founders of Punch, are down-to-earth and altruistic, and the process of Punch reflects this. With timely emails being sent to the ‘cleansee’, one is empowered to begin the, what can be daunting and difficult, challenge with confidence and excitement.

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Punch has its origins in the personal desire of the founders to lead full and nourished lives. These two Ivy League educated Hong Kong women felt the need for a healthy jumpstart, and the need to offer this jumpstart to the people of Hong Kong. They put themselves through an intensive detox program and came out zealous for the good message of juice. The cleanse program they developed for, and in, Hong Kong in 2010, was the first in Hong Kong and in Asia, and continues to emphasise detox juice health education to consumers in Hong Kong as part of its juice cleanse service and experience. Punch Detox provides their juice cleanse programs using raw, cold-pressed and unpasteurized juices to fill your body with nutrients, give your body a rest, and as a result, help your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and intestines naturally eliminate toxins.

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So far we all have felt invigorated! As food writers it can be very pleasant to have only liquid to glug down as opposed to delicious but rich meals we often indulge in. Much like this possum…

We also seem to have a craving to cook. And cook wholesome recipes with brown rice and quinoa. The lack of chewing is totally fine, and the juices are so scrumptious we are not missing any flavours or textures. Only day 1 so we know the worst is yet to come, but for the moment our bodies seem to be thankful for the healthy start to the week!


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