Rise and Shine with Foodpanda's Breakfast Delivery Service

Rise and Shine with Foodpanda's Breakfast Delivery Service

Never skip the most important meal of the day again

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We practically roll out of bed, to the gym and then run off the treadmill into the office, so rarely grab a decent breakfast. Foodpanda understands us. Thanks Foodpanda. They are newly offering breakfast delivery of restaurants in the Central district to the doorstep of our offices between 8 and 11 am.

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Customers looking for a breakfast pick-me-up to ease the morning blues can place orders and pay in advance using the Foodpanda mobile-app or website. This means you don’t have to fumble for change to pay the delivery guy–collect your food, sit down at your table and dig in.

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There are a range of restaurants to choose from, whether you’re looking for lighter offerings to hardier, more filling food options. Genie Juicery, The Flying Pan and Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant are among the extensive list of restaurants that you can order your breakfast from.

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A hearty breakfast from Hokkaido Dairy Farm


Customers can get $50 off their first breakfast order with the code MORNINGPANDA. If you don’t work in Central, keep your eye out because Foodpanda is looking to expand to other areas soon. 


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