1kg Burrito Eating Competition

1kg Burrito Eating Competition

Conquer Cali-Mex’s super size 1kg burrito and win a trip to California

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...is the point we have come to with portion sizes in Hong Kong. 

Fortunately, Cali-Mex are choosing to be truly pioneering and have available a super size 1kg burrito for all who wish to bulge in a Mexican manner.  

The super size burrito comes in all the Cali-Mex fillings–12 in total–ranging from certified Australian Angus beef, and Australian free range chicken breast New Zealand Ling fillets or juicy prawns. Vegetarians are perhaps best catered to in this Mexican restaurant too, with the vegan Venice Beach chicken (not chicken) and the sautéed spinach that we would battle Popeye for. AND the 1kg burritos with Cali Mex’s signature homemade tortillas are just $168.

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Comparison of burrito sizes: super-size burrito to the right. Obvs. 

To celebrate this birth of this epic wrap, Cali-Mex are holding one super-sized competition. 

The competition runs as follows: 

  1. purchase any 1kg burrito at Cali-Mex
  2. snap a photo of yourself with it
  3. email to Cali-Mex at info@cali-mex.com
  4. see if you are one of the 10 lucky contestants who will be chosen on 17th of July to enter round two of the contest
  5. round two of the competition is a speed-eating contest is to be held on 18th July at Cali-Mex flagship store in Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay at 3pm 
  6. eat it out with your opponent to win the trip + cash! 

The winner of the contest will win a 5 night trip to California, the home of Cali-Mex, and a cash prize of HK$4,000.

Winner takes all so start eating burritos and see you in California!

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