Contemporary Filipino Fare at Steik World Meats

Contemporary Filipino Fare at Steik World Meats

Celebrity chefs Lau and JacAn present an innovative twist on classic Filipino dishes

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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of contemporary steak restaurant Steik World Meats in K11 mall, the restaurant has invited Philippines’ very own celebrity chef Rolando Laudico (AKA 'The Rocker Chef'), and his wife Chef Jac to introduce Hong Kong to their unique creations of cooking traditional Filipino food with a modern spin.

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From 18-20 June, guests will have the chance to taste some of their culinary works. On the menu are traditional Filipino dishes such as adobo and kare-kare (stewed oxtail in peanut sauce) with an innovative twist while still retaining the traditional flavours that these dishes are known for.

For these three days, a 2-course set lunch from $178 per person and a 4-course set dinner from $648 per person are available. The set menus reflect the chefs’ visions of tradition meeting innovation and give diners an insight of how old-time classics can be modernized in an increasingly globalized world.

Limited spaces are available – for reservations, call 2530 0011. 



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