Prune Organic Deli & Workshop

Prune Organic Deli & Workshop

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A quaint hideout in Sai Ying Pun for a quiet afternoon

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Grassroots Pantry’s next-door neighbour: It’s difficult to describe Prune without sounding twee: the first words that come to mind are cute, quaint and charming. The thing is, it’s all true. With its fresh flowers, just-picked produce, chalkboard and mirrored menus and home-made granola and jams for sale, chef and owner Peggy Chan’s latest launch has a lovely lived-in feel. Open at 7:30am for breakfast (8:30am on weekends) and continuing on through lunch and afternoon tea, Prune is focused on the takeaway and catering markets, though there is one wooden communal table should you wish to eat in and chill awhile.

The organic, vegan and gluten-free food: Prune’s dishes have got the visual appeal; presented on a collection of pretty tableware, they’re bursting with colour. And this is one of the cases when it pays to judge a book by its cover, as the flavours live up to the presentation. The salad winner – salad medleys are available for $75, with a choice of three salads – was a bright green organic curly kale (the “it” veggie at the mo’) dressed with a lemony garlic and olive oil mix. Our favourite bits were the toasted almonds, sprouts and dried apricots dotted throughout, adding to the fabulous taste and texture profile. To pair with this, we’d recommend a sandwich ($80) – but not just any ol’ sarnie. How about this: a spiced-up melange of seared curried tofu and avocado, sandwiched between two perfectly toasted slices of Bread Elements’ superb crusty multi-grain (gluten-free bread is also available).

The goodness bowl ($85) changes daily, as does most of the menu. On the day we visited, it was a comforting Moroccan tagine made with seasonal veggies including kohlrabi, carrot and sweet potato, perked up by the warming spices of cumin, chilli and cinnamon. Served on a bed of fluffy, nutty quinoa, this upped the goodness factor. Of the sweets smorgasbord, the surprising winner – beating the raw tropical snowball truffle by a whisker – was the zucchini-choco loaf flecked with flaxseed ($30/slice). Moist and uniquely delicious, it would make a good choice for an on-the-run brekkie or afternoon pick-me-up.

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The takeaway: It may not be a great spot for lingering (just because it’s so petite), but oh how we wish Prune were just that little bit closer to Foodie’s office so that we could be breakfast and lunch regulars. Even if you’re not adhering to a special diet, we guarantee you’ll be bowled over by this eatery’s healthy, fresh and delicious flavours. Never has guilt-free dining been so good. We’ll be back for a fresh juice or smoothie, stat.

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