Zumufi Opens in Sheung Wan

Zumufi Opens in Sheung Wan

Zumufi pumps up the smoothie game in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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While wellness has become something of a zeitgeisty term for the pursuit of health, it can only be deemed positive for the state of our bodies and the future of our planet. Joining the foray into the land of health that is sweeping HK at present, Zumufi is a new smoothie shop that has opened on the border of Sheung Wan and Central. It is also one of the characters that was cut from the Lion King.


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As more people build-up a healthy lifestyle, Zumufi seek to highlight the importance of a healthy diet by offering drinks that are made from natural and health-promoting ingredients. The idea is not to focus only on being physically fit, but keeping a balanced diet through the means of eating nutritious foods. Daniel, founder of Zumufi says: “you are what you put in your body. It is my belief that balanced diet is crucial to everyone. What you put in your stomach will definitely have an influence on many other aspects of your life.”  

Zumufi aims to improve people’s wellness with two offerings; smoothies and panini. The panini is sourced from one of HK's favourite organic bakeries in Sai Kung, Ali Oli, and this is evident when you bite into the crispy, warm bread. Fillings range from USDA approved turkey and ham, to vegetarian friendly options like tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil and grilled mediterranean vegetables. The ratio of vegetable to bread is ideal, as so often in Hong Kong, the tendency is to carb and meat load with little consideration for the (oft more tasty) and nutritious veg. Fresh, textured ingredients make an appearance in every bite. 

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The fruit ingredients used in Zumufi's smoothies are all imported from Australia, because Daniel was avid on getting the most amount of nutrients possible into the drinks–this meant Australian produce. Zumufi has created a new product line called “ZUMUFI+” which helps to promote certain body functions; these include “Skin+” for enhanced skin care, “Energy+” for mind refreshment, “Hangover+” for neutralising the effects of alcohol and “Detox+” which helps body to rid itself of toxic substances, and loads more.

Zumufi, Shop D, G/F, Willy Commercial Building, 28-36 Wing Kut Street, Sheung Wan, Mon – Sat 7:30 am – 6:30 pm, 2949 9829

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