An Egg Replacement That Will Blow Your Mind

An Egg Replacement That Will Blow Your Mind

Aquafaba: a revolutionary tale in the world of veganism

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Vegans will tell you that their number one struggle is dealing with stupid questions – and finding good replacements for eggs is a close second.

Well, gone are the days of chucking out recipes that gleam with the dreaded word ‘eggs’ or finding questionable replacements with a marginal success rate, because an economical and convenient substitute for eggs has been sitting unsuspectingly in your kitchen all along.

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This holy grail we speak of is called aquafaba, or in simpler terms, leftover canned chickpea water. That’s right: what you would normally pour down the sink is just one press of a button on the electric mixer away from being your quick and easy egg replacement.

Using a mixer, simply whip the liquid for about fifteen minutes until it forms into a white, foamy texture that resembles egg whites. Stop when the fluffy peaks are able to hold themselves – that’s when you know you’re at the right consistency. Some may prefer to add a cup of white sugar and a tablespoon or two of vanilla extract to mask the slight beany flavour of the chickpeas. Three tablespoons of drained chickpea liquid is equivalent to about one egg, so make the necessary conversions and you’ll have your delicious, homemade vegan pastry of choice.

Let's allow this video to do the talking:

These pseudo eggs are perfect egg replacers in traditional cake and cookie recipes, and are especially good for meringues, pavlovas and brownies. Aquafaba makes a killer lemon meringue pie (with an egg-free pie crust, of course), perfect for a summer treat. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, this Facebook page, Vegan Meringue – Hits and Misses, is filled with ideas on how you can incorporate aquafaba into your recipes, including aquafaba ice cream and aquafaba peppermint chocolate macarons.

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Lemon meringue pie

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Chocolate mousse using aquafaba

This is for you, vegans. The sky’s the limit – go nuts. Specifically, go chocolate chip cookies with pecans and cashew nuts. They’re the best kind.


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