The Walrus: New Oyster Bar in Hong Kong

The Walrus: New Oyster Bar in Hong Kong

Are you ready for a whole new level of oysters?

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Oysters have always been a ready-made gem from mother earth; just slurp the fragrant soup of the ocean and the delicate soft meat. One cup filled with your essential vitamins, minerals and protein– and great for you!

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A classic raw oyster has been said to be the best way to enjoy this bivalve, however, there are some days where we wish to have a pop of creativeness in our culinary lives. Something different from the ordinary; that's where The Walrus comes in. 

"The Walrus", may might not immediately bring to mind these little molluscs, but the whimsical name is actually inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem “The Walrus and The Carpenter” within the book Through the Looking-Glass (and later known as Alice in Wonderland). Within the book, two characters tell the tale of the cheeky Walrus who lures the oysters, quite literally, away from the seabed and onto his plate.

The restaurant creates a high-energy reinterpretation of a classic oyster bar, where you can order the raw signature shells that comes from different parts of the world. The Walrus focuses on the freshness, seasonality, experimentation, and tasteful pairings of food and drink, all the while intertwining the culinary and visual arts. This is illuminated by their 20 or more styles of eating oysters.

Examples include the “Oompa Loompa,” - raw signature shells with homemade blood orange sorbet served atop a fresh oyster with salmon and cucumber tartare, and “Hail Caesar,” a unique application of classic Caesar salad ingredients in an oyster.

Oompa Loompa

Oompa Loompa

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Hail Caesar

The Walrus also caters to vegetarians. Although oysters and vegetarianism doesn't seem to link, one notable standout in the menu is a vegetarian oyster made with the curious Oyster Leaf (Mertensia maritima). They even serve a dessert chocolate ‘oyster’ with homemade sea salt ice cream.

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Vegetarian Oyster

The Walrus takes its drinks as seriously as its oysters, featuring a series of exclusive in-house bottled cocktails from The Woods, designed specially to pair with the flavours of seafood.  Examples include the Rhubarbarella–a vinegar-based refresher made with strawberries and rhubarb; Tom Yum Me–a south-east-Asian-inspired cocktail with a kick, and the MLB–a peanut and banana-infused bourbon with homemade cola.

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                In-house bottled cocktails

Located on Staunton Street, Soho, The Walrus is a small but high-energy space, inspired by all things nautical, with a modern take; suitable for both sit-down meals and drinks before or after dinner.

The Walrus

G/F, 64 Staunton Street, Central


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