Tried and Tasted: Townhouse

Tried and Tasted: Townhouse

A finely executed East-meets-West concept in California Tower, LKF

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Our romance with fusion food was short-lived and sensationalist. Consequentially, all new fusion/hybrid/third-culture ideas have been met with fear and trepidation. When we heard about the Asian food with a Western twist notion coming out of Townhouse, we were understandably hesitant to dive in to what we imagined would be Italian-ramen glory...

That being said, we needn't have worried. Townhouse have been careful to not go overboard on the twisting, and the space, beverages, location and staff all work in synergy.


Food we suggest would include the overly clever Cheung Fan with Cheese Sauce, a 63 Degree Egg and Pancetta. It sounds weird we know, and we too had misgivings about pairing a staple Hong Kong street food with the early formations of carbonara, but it was deliciously cheesy, sloppy and satisfying. Next was the Duck Salad with Peaches, Pine Nuts and Pomegranate. The fruit was a delectable companion for the tender and flavoursome duck, which was finished with a nice zing and texture added by the nuts.

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We suggest to finish with their Candy Crush dessert, which evokes the opposite reaction as compared to the Facebook game – this dessert is worth inviting all your friends to. Mango and black sesame ice cream are presented underneath a mound of killer candies (think Oreos, jellybeans, poky sticks, wafers and other unidentifiable addictive sweet chewy things) and fruit in a jumbo size mortar and pestle. One of our favourite desserts in LKF to date. 

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The verdict for Townhouse is mostly good. A few things need work, like their teeny bathroom area that is a bit ghetto to get to, as well as the arctic air-conditioning. The open kitchen makes for a pleasant energy and the huge space designed by Mr. Hugh Zimmern draws attention to the breath-taking view of Central through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The food is surprisingly awesome; tasty and unusual and you can be sure you won't have tried anything like it before


23/F, California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street, Central

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