The Place in Langham Place

The Place in Langham Place

The rebirth of a hotel restaurant, The Place in Langham Place reemerges with one hefty buffet in tow

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If you have been looking for a reason to splurge and have a meal at The Place, located in the Langham Place Hotel, now is the time.  The Place recently unveiled a newly-renovated dining room, which has been expanded to accommodate over 200 seats. So, no waiting time needed.  The restaurant underwent not only a complete overhaul of its interior, but its menu as well.    

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The menu has been adapted to meet the restaurant's clean new look.  The Palace has installed a number of live food stations, for patrons during buffet service, including stations serving fresh seafood, sushi and luxury foods such as foie gras and lobster.  The restaurant has also raised the bar for desserts, doubling their previous selection. It was not only sweet treats that got our attention.  Not feeling sweet treats? The Place has added a host of new a la carte options and now serves over 50 different types of appetisers.  

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The Place has expanded from merely providing prepared meals, to offering some ingredients for you to do the same, having installed a, "Grab and Go" section, where patrons can purchase organic juices, beer and wine. 

Hours vary and can be found here.  

The Place: Level L, Langham Place Hotel, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, 3552-3028


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