Food Wars - Almond Butter

Food Wars - Almond Butter

We tasted four almond butters you can buy in most supermarkets to see which was the best

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 10 Jul '15

Move over peanuts, there’s a new sheriff in town. This month, we dip into luscious jars of almond butter to see which supermarket contender is worth spreading on your next piece of rye toast.


The price: $120

The value: This is our most expensive contender for 250 grams for the hefty price tag. The jar is filled with 100 percent lightly roasted almonds spread, and is GMO-free.

The taste: The spread had an appealing consistency in between crunchy and smooth, and deep flavours with a delicious, strong roasted zing. It was significantly sweeter than the rest of the contenders, and had a pleasant crunchy texture although we would feel sick consuming more than a couple teaspoons of this.

The verdict: The most expensive of the roasted almonds options, unless this almond butter comes with a Lamborghini, we wouldn’t say it’s worth it.

Foodie rating:  3 STARS

Artisana Organics

The price: $160

The value: The price tag might raise eyebrows, but the sizable 453 grams jar actually translates to a pretty good value, especially considering the spread is made from 100 percent organic raw California almonds.

The taste: Using organic raw almonds, this is the most nutritionally bountiful butter in our taste test. The raw almonds gave the spread a lighter, yet significantly less aromatic flavour, but we loved the clean aftertaste, which was far less oily than the rest, and had the aroma of marzipan.

The verdict: Our favourite out of the four, based on having the most pleasing taste and the most healthful qualities.

Foodie rating: 4 stars

Barney Butter

The price: $82

The value: The cheapest of the bunch at 285 grams, this crunchy California almond butter does contain less desirable ingredients such as palm oil.

The taste: The texture is practically indistinguishable from peanut butter, and the overall flavour and texture felt overprocessed. Like peanut butter, it sticks stubbornly to the roof of the mouth, and tasted glumpy.

The verdict: A good one to try for novice eaters of almond butter, who prefer an easy easing into the unique spread by way of something that reminds them exactly of peanut butter.

Foodie rating: 1 star


The price: $53

The value: This jar of smooth almond butter is made from only two very simple ingredients: roasted almonds with a pinch of sea salt. The compact 170 grams jar contains no palm oil or sugar

The taste: A delicious roasted nut aroma met our noses when we cracked open this jar, as this butter was the most fragrant of all the contenders. The paste was salty enough to almost border being savoury, and was quite oily.

The verdict: Even though the paste was on the oily side and separated easily, we loved the roasted aromas. The pinch of sea salt also helped cut through the greasiness, making this a butter we could indulge in daily.

Foodie rating: 3 stars

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