Cocktail Bar Little L.A.B. Unveils Big Changes

Cocktail Bar Little L.A.B. Unveils Big Changes

The cocktail bar Little L.A.B. unveils big changes and a new direction with inventive twists to their menu

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Soho’s hip and progressive cocktail bar, Little L.A.B., is back and better than ever – sporting a brand new look that echoes the East-meets-West concept of the watering hole and a new food and drink menu to match. The reopening of the bar comes just in time for the summer.

Now under the direction of award-winning Reeve Yip, Portfolio Ambassador of Bacardi Martini Asia Pacific, Little L.A.B. takes inspiration from the tried and tested cocktail making methods of the West while infusing clever touches of the East. The newly unveiled interior features a locally designed and on-site painted wall mural by Hong Kong-based artist AMT, a testament to the progressive bar’s respect for the city’s historical roots.

Little L.A.B.’s new beverage menu boosts refreshing takes on well-loved classics. The Green Hornet ($110) marries Bacardi Superior, absinthe, lime and basil with St. Germain foam and ginger honey, resulting in a smooth and inventive tipple. Another cocktail, the Oriental Julep ($120), combines Buffalo Trace, mint, ginger honey and bitters for a refreshing take on this old-time concoction. The Far East Sangria ($385), one of two new sharing pitchers on the menu, fuses Chenin Blanc with Bombay Sapphire East, ginger honey, St. Germain elderflower, seasonal berries and a dash of citrus – perfect to share between a group of friends.

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The Green Hornet

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The Far East Sangria

Along with the new cocktail list, a tidy menu of bar snacks has also been introduced. Rarely is the food as delicious as the drinks in cocktail bars, but in this case we would wager the food is worth coming to try alone. 

The Cola Pops ($68) see Coca-Cola-marinated chicken wings going hand in hand with a smoky buffalo sauce, and the Sweet Spuds ($52), hand-cut sweet potato fries with aioli which will have you returning for seconds.

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Cola Pops

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Sweet Spuds

Located on buzzy Staunton Street, Little L.A.B. stands out among the plethora of bars with its inventive twists and carefully executed concept, that showcases the melting pot of our city.

Little L.A.B.

50 Staunton Street, Soho

2858 8580



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