Isono Introduces a New Selection of Cocktails

Isono Introduces a New Selection of Cocktails

Isono introduces a new selection of cocktails, mixed by master bartender Giancarlo Mancino 

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Isono's eatery and bar serves a wide selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes - Italian, French and Spanish, enabling guests to try an array of cuisines in one sitting. Dishes are not the only offerings which vary in deliciousness; with a new range of cocktails, Isono has now one of the biggest selections of gins in the city. 

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Gin Mule

Along with your cocktail, Isono will offer each new gin-based cocktail ($120 each)  a postcard cocktail menu and stamp to send from their in-restaurant post box to whoever you desire. You could either send the postcard to your friend or keep it for yourself. A funky and old-school twist from your regular drinking experience. 

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Two of our favourites to try:

Bramble – a simple combination of sloe gin and blackberries.

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The Long Basil Smash – looks like a green juice and tastes fresh like a garden, but gets a little kick from London Drygin and Mancino Vermouth. Isono also offers their classic gin and tonic with over 50 types of gin from all over the world and nine types of tonic for you to pick from. 

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Long Basil Smash

Bartender Giancarlo Mancino has surely reflected Isono's consistency and perfection in his creative range of cocktails; making sure that each guests will have the best experience possible.


6/F Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central; 2156 0688


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