The New Superfoods on the Block

The New Superfoods on the Block

The new superfoods on the block are here to stay

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Superfoods are fruits or vegetables crammed full of nutrients and vitamins to help your mind and body functioning at rapid pace. Here's a list of some of the newest superfoods out there:

1. Dragon Fruit

This odd-looking fruit is actually harvested from a cactus. Its odd appearance is said to resemble a dragon-of-sorts and it is only grown in warm, nutrient-rich areas in South America and parts of Asia. It’s overflowing with nutrients such as fibre, vitamins, protein, Omega-3’s and is a low calorie food. It’s also satiated with lycopene, which can help lower the risk of prostate cancer and dragon fruit is known for helping to improve eyesight and naturally helping to detox the body of heavy metals. Some say that its taste is similar to pears. We do not think it can really be likened to any other fruit, so best to try this one out for yourselves. 

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2. Lucuma

This fruit is a maple-flavoured sweetener that’s great competition for other sweeteners currently on the market. It hails from Peru and it’s gluten-free and packed with nutrients! Lucuma is also chalked full of dietary fibre, as well as important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All of these components help to keep the immune system running strong and help with physiological functioning.

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3. Maqui

The Mapuche Indians have been using this berry from Patagonia forever. It’s a fruit that's harvested from evergreen shrubs and is similar in taste to blackberries. It contains many anti-inflammatory compounds as well as high amounts of vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium. It also contains two anti-aging compounds: polyphenol and anthocyanins. Maqui’s claim to fame is that it possesses more antioxidants than any food on the planet!

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4. Camu

You’d have to eat 60 oranges to get the vitamin C that you get out of one serving of camu. It helms from the Amazon rainforest and has earned the nickname “nature’s pill.” Camu berries have many nutritional elements in them, such as phytochemicals, amino acids, calcium, and protein but it also is revered for its medicinal qualities as well.

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