Bacon Flavoured Seaweed

Bacon Flavoured Seaweed

The greatest scientific discovery might be seaweed that is healthy and tastes just like bacon! Bacon flavoured seaweed = everyone wins

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Fear not vegans and vegetarians, the future looks bright!  A new variety of algae, called dulse, has been discovered, and it tastes like bacon when fried.  It is already being considered a superfood that boasts high protein levels and twice the nutritional value of kale!  Dulse grows on both sides of the U.S. coast and has been around Europe for awhile, although it's just starting to get its name in other parts of the world.

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A person can find dulse in some health stores currently but it's usually in a dried-state and can be very costly.  There is huge potential for dulse to be grown quickly and abundantly though and this could really change the price and supply in the near future. People are really interested in dulse too because other than the delicious taste (when fried) it is also known to be a great source of minerals and vitamins, fibre and even antioxidants!  Keep checking on the status of dulse in the next couple of months because if things go as planned, everyone and their dog will be enjoying delicious, healthy bacon-flavoured seaweed here very soon!

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