What's the Deal with Celery?

What's the Deal with Celery?

What is the deal with celery and why has it been getting a bad rap for so long?

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There is probably not a single person on earth right now that'll admit freely that their favourite food is celery.  It doesn't have a lot of taste and it's really only appealing to the masses when it's covered in peanut butter or dunked into a scrumptious veggie dip.

However, celery is overflowing with vitamins and minerals and has even been linked with helping out patients suffering with ailments from asthma to rheumatoid arthritis. It is known for being a low calorie food that increases appetite and aids digestion and circulation. 

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Celery is also a great diuretic. It's recommended to aid those suffering from urinary infections, kidney issues, gout and joint pain. It helps with a plethora of ailments due to its ability to help expel fluids from the human body and therefore decrease overall swelling. And it comes highly recommended for patients suffering from high blood pressure and even diabetes. 




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