Bacon Tacos with Macaroni and Cheese [video]

Bacon Tacos with Macaroni and Cheese [video]

We see many of these pesky internet videos with odd food combos; we tried out these bacon tacos with macaroni and cheese. Was it worth it?

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 27 Aug '15

The internet is obsessed with amazing foods being taken to the extreme by mixing and matching traditional comfort foods together - sometimes with beautiful results, many times with dishes that scream "seriously stop".

For the past few years, bacon has been killing it with concoctions that would put Bubba's shrimp (prawn) knowledge from Forrest Gump to shame. One that passed our newsfeed was the woven bacon taco shell with macaroni and cheese stuffed in it. Here's the video showing the steps we took to make this in our office with only a microwave. Enjoy!

Was it amazing? Was it worth it? 

No. We (who ate it) are sweating a bit more, moving a bit slower and generally ashamed of ourselves. 


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For you true adventurers, here's the recipe:


  1. One pack of bacon (16 slices) makes 2 taco shells
  2. 1 Easy Mac per two tacos
  3. Wax paper (baking paper)


  1. Take the bacon out in strips and weave together into a square pattern on the wax paper, making sure to keep the space between strips as small as possible.
  2. Place the wax paper onto a plate, place into the microwave for up to 8 minutes, keep an eye on the bacon during this process, it doesn't need to be fully cooked through yet.
  3. Take out when the bacon is sizzling and starting to brown on the tips.
  4. Place a smaller plate over the bacon and cut the edges to make a round taco shell.
  5. Put two chopsticks over two cups (or over a bowl works too if the bowl is deep enough), place the bacon taco shell over the chopsticks VERY CAREFULLY!
  6. Microwave it again for about 2~3 minutes - keep an eye, if it looks to be cooking too far, take it out.
  7. Follow the cooking instructions on the Easy Mac.
  8. Let the bacon taco shell cool - and fill with macaroni and cheese gently! *we broke the first shell doing this*
  9. Should be good to go! Instragram that bad boy and eat it!



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