Tasting Menu at Soi 7

Tasting Menu at Soi 7

Foodie Club booked out the entire restaurant last week for a tasting menu at Soi 7

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Our latest Foodie Club event brought us to a new contemporary Thai restaurant just a stone’s throw away from LKF on Wyndham Street. Soi 7 adds an inventive twist to traditional Thai dishes and uses only the freshest products that they import directly from markets in Ayutthaya, Bangkok. We were impressed with their edgy décor and particularly liked the stunning geometric scene created by the bold murals across the restaurant and retro-style movie posters reminiscent of 70’s movie theatres.

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We started our set meal with an array of appetisers of spicy chicken wings, prawns and satay skewers and one that certainly stood out was the tuna tartare wonton "tacos", which was an extraordinarily refreshing fusion dish comprising elements of three different cultures. The heat of the chilli lime sauce paired perfectly against the cool of the finely chopped, smooth raw tuna. The shell made of wonton skin was incredibly thin and stayed crispy, despite its juicy fillings.

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Tuna tartare wonton tacos

There were two winners among the main courses we tried. The first was the aptly named laughing bull, a creative twist from the time-honoured traditional Thai dish “crying tiger”. Cooked sous-vide for 12 hours, the pieces of meat were outrageously tender and the side of Nam-Jim-Jeaw dressing brought out the deep flavours of the Australian beef.

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Laughing Bull:  Grilled sous-vide Australian beef served with nam-jim-jeaw dressing

The second winner was the Kaprow Burger. It was certainly the most substantial dish out of our nine-course menu that evening and we were ready to throw in the towel and surrender as shameful foodies when we saw this burger reach our table. After marveling at its pure size and aesthetically pleasing structure, we attempted a bite and were surprised with every component. The red-hued toasted brioche bun is flavoured with red pepper and ours encased a perfectly cooked Wagyu beef patty, fried egg and spicy Krapow sauce. Although the patty could have been a little juicier, our foodies were more than happy to overlook the fact with its stunning appearance and lashings of Sriracha-aioli sauce.

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Krapow burger: Australian wagyu beef burger, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and Kaprow sauce on a toasted brioche bun

You can easily tell when a restaurant is truly dedicated to delivering the finest food and dining experiences. With their friendly service, chic yet homey ambience and rigid standards for quality and authenticity of ingredients, Soi 7 is definitely top of the line.

Soi 7, G/F, 57 Wyndham Street, Central, 2840 0041

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Written by CF Ng

Photo credit: Daniel Wong


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