7 Quick and Simple Dinners

7 Quick and Simple Dinners

7 delicious, quick dinners for when you get home late and need something simple and easy to prepare

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Whether you are a student, a full-time employee or a stay-at-home parent, there is always a need for healthy, quick recipes for dinner. Here are a seven recipes to make dinner as-simple-as-possible so you can get to studying or parenting or just plain relaxing after a long day of work.

Taco Salads with Avocado and Shrimp

The shrimp are a healthy alternative to the classic red meat varieties that typically dominate taco salads and you just can't go wrong with any salad that's got avocados and a little heat to it.  

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Stir-Fry with Peppers and Steak

Stir-fry dinners are the ultimate package deal. You get the privilege of adding a delicious variety of meat to a colourful array of tender veggies and then you get to drop that succulent mixture onto a base of yummy rice or noodles. Stir-fry dinners were the way that my own mother was able to sneak in as many veggies as she possibly could and then hide them under generous chunks of meaty paradise. Little did she know those dinners helped me transition from the serious carnivore that I was, to a more diversified omnivore with a serious respect for vegetables of all kinds.

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Pulled Chicken with Ranch Sauce Sandwiches

There's something about the changing of seasons to winter that gets me in the mood to utilise my slow-cooker / crockpot that has been stowed away all summer as I've been showing favouritism towards my barbecue. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of tossing in a delicious meat to slow cook all day while you are at work, and then you come home and get the instant gratification of seeing the end result of the tenderised, luscious meat. Such a feeling of contentment with little to no work and this recipe calls for delicious pulled chicken, so make use of that crockpot and reap the rewards of an easy meal.

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Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Such a classic, delicious, vegetarian option that will satisfy any food lover. Broccoli and cheese are a match made in heaven and the consistency of this soup will sufficiently fill any hungry stomach and leave you with a feeling of satisfaction. The best part of the recipe is the addition of garlic. Garlic is such a versatile vegetable that I feel makes almost any dish better but it's an understatement to say that as it steals the show in this dish.

Image titlePhoto credit: Tracey Wilhelmsen

Carmelised Pork and Pineapple Salsa Tacos

I truly believe that I could eat tacos for every meal for the rest of my life and be a happy, content human being. I love breakfast tacos, I love doing a little play on vegetarian tacos for lunch and there's nothing better than a cold adult beverage and a plate full of tacos for dinner. The best thing about tacos is that there can be so much creativity infused in your tacos that the possibilities are almost endless. This recipe utilises a nice chunk of swine, topped with a delicious pineapple salsa and a chilli sauce to top off the sweet and sour combo that I've grown to adore over the years. Simple and delicious!

Image titlePhoto credit: Pinch of Yum

Spaghetti Sauce Cooked in the Slow Cooker

I have to reiterate the level of fulfillment I get from leaving a variety of ingredients in the slow cooker before I leave for work and then coming home from work to an amalgamation of deliciousness just waiting for me. That scent that wafts through the air would make any person jubilant. This recipe takes normal spaghetti to a whole new level and it can arguably be considered even easier to make than traditional, plain-jane spaghetti.

Image titlePhoto credit: Vasso Miliou

Bean and Barley Salad Topped with Greek Dressing

This is a wonderful salad for those people who live for meat and protein but want a little variety in their lives. The white beans in this dish are abounding with protein and the barley gives your stomach a feeling of fullness. I was flabbergasted at the level of satisfaction my stomach reached after this dish, and blown-away by the combination of the crunchy vegetables and the smooth, creamy, piquant vinaigrette dressing. Beyond good!

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