Hong Kong Featured Premium Coffee Shop

Hong Kong Featured Premium Coffee Shop

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A guide to the best of coffee in the city (please brewing a cup of coffee first, so that you can read and play with your spirit, because there are nearly 40 selected coffee shops)

The first thing we learned was that in 1995, Frederik Balfour, a journalist, published an article stating that Hong Kong's slow rise to sip a decent quality cup of coffee is forming a good coffee culture in Hong Kong ; today, we do Has often gathered in exquisite coffee shops, and immersed in mixing in caffeine.

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Picture taken from World Coffee Events

Since the publication of an article outlining 17 select Hong Kong gourmet coffee shops , the selection has been refurbished and increased in multiples in just six months. Recently, the Hong Kong baristas again won the fourth place in the World Barista Championships, only kneeling in Melbourne , the United States and Canada and these coffee giants. And this year alone, we have witnessed four new coffee shops landing on the same street in Central ...


To this end, we have grouped these coffee shops by region as far as possible, and first introduced them from the ring to the outside.

Sheung Wan

1. Elephant Grounds

Here, you can always find good coffee. One of the proofs of their popularity is that it was not long before you opened a branch in the Southern District. In addition to maintaining popularity, it also created a more space-filled atmosphere. Customers can "walk" coffee shops.

Located at the Elephant Grounds in Gefu Street, hidden behind a clothing store, it can be said to be a pocket-sized yet comfortable coffee shop. The coffee shop that mixes indie elements is famous for ice-cream sandwiches. The flavor of ice-cream is converted every weekend, and many new combinations are created, such as pistachio with chocolate cookie, eggnog ice cream with black and white chocolate crunchy. Cookies, peanut butter, ice cream with chocolate and oat shortbread, and Hong Kong-style milk tea with white chocolate. The creativity and casualness that can be enjoyed here are the best elements for celebrating the weekend.

11 Gife Street, Sheung Wan

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2. Barista Jam

Before introducing Barista Jam, we must first disclose the Lace News: There have been people protesting that the list of selected coffee shops previously announced by us was not perfect. The reason was that this coffee shop was standing by. It is true that the environment is laid back: Dogs buzz, families slow down, children enjoy their babychinos, and the Barista Jam is worth a try. There is also a Japanese siphon coffee maker and French style. Filter pots, hand grinders, grinders, AeroPress, moka pots, etc., all kinds of brewing coffee devices can be said to be readily available. When visiting this place, I often meet many people who seem to be entrepreneurs are racking their brains, even though the relaxed atmosphere here does not seem to be the ideal place for a meeting.

Shop D, G/F, 126-128 Su Hang Street, Sheung Wan

3. The Mixing Bowl

The Mixing Bowl was founded by two home bakers from Canada and the United Kingdom. They lived with passion and learned to share the taste of self-taught. At present, they will spare time to guide students at night; during the day, the relaxed atmosphere means that the founders are rushing into operation. Here you will encounter a fine breakfast, such as our promotion of toasted toast with coffee, bread, Hong Kong is the best, there are delicious cinnamon rolls.

G/F, 5 Sing Hing Street, Sheung Wan

4. Office Lof 10

The two principals, Marcus and Eugene, can be said to be well-known. They are KPMG's economics professors and accountants, respectively, of the famous international accounting firm KPMG. Although they are currently retired from the industry, they are clearly aware of the direction they must take. In order to show the flavor of California, the two specially planned and set up this “lounge” with artistic furnishings and furniture; this is also the only Hong Kong-produced Blue Bottle coffee in Hong Kong. Coffee fans from the United States are delighted - once they have entered the entrance, they have regained their faith. I believe you have already embarked on San Fran or even Brooklyn.

G/F, Ground Floor, 1 Yue Lin Terrace, Sheung Wan

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5. The Cupping Room

This is the base of the 4th winner of the two Hong Kong Barista Competition allys and the above-mentioned international barista competition held in Seattle. Looking at these two titles alone, it seems that it is no longer necessary to say how good the coffee here is. In addition, the selling point of The Cupping Room is: simple furnishings, very friendly staff, and healthy, simple and delicious but affordable breakfast, such as scrambled eggs with sourdough bread will be priced below $ 100. The free wifi in the shop enables people who make a living by selling “creative ideas” (ie, freelancers who don’t need an office). The Cupping Room has a noble environment and is perfect for anyone reading casual magazines or coming here. A small party steals.

Shop 287-299, Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan

6. The Roaster Step by Step

If we can, we really do not want to disclose where this shop is located, because the coffee here is so good that we want to “privatize” them... but unfortunately, in the information era, please do not hesitate to save the information... Please also enjoy each cup of aromatic coffee and all the coffee-related knowledge you have learned in the store. Bread and waffles are also available here. You need to know that there is good coffee. Good waffles also follow.

G/F, 26 Upper Street, Sheung Wan, Sheung Wan

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Having breakfast in an open-air café is definitely a great way to welcome the morning, especially before the hot sun in Hong Kong begins to heat up until we really wake up... The food here may not be the best, but the coffee It is hard work. NOSH is led by Swedish entrepreneurs Arne and Helen Lindman. The background of nationality may have led them to genetically create food genes. The store’s honey is accompanied by cinnamon oatmeal and caramelized bananas, and cranberries with hickory English muffins. It is also very delicious.

G/F, 11 Sheung Sheung Street, Sheung Wan

8. Cafe Deadend

Using organic soy milk, the experienced barista can draw out excellent floral works. The bread in the shop is provided by the adjacent sister shop Po's Atelier. The elements of Café Deadend are like the portrait of Sheung Wan. Here is a charming courtyard with plenty of sunshine to grow plants, such as a brunch enthusiast who wants to reach out to the cafe. To taste the coffee here, we recommend that you arrive as soon as possible on the day, especially on weekends, otherwise it will be difficult to find an open space.

G/F, 72 Pok Hing Square, Sheung Wan

9. Brew Bros

There are coffees from Rwanda and coffee filter papers from Ethiopia. Coffee beans from Market Lane coffee are used in coffee from the southern hemisphere, “Sacred Lands” in Melbourne . Brew Bros also thoughtfully offers lighter spices to customers who do not like coffee. For tea, we introduce a spice tea called Prana which contains 100% Ceylon black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and honey from the Australian bush. In addition, it should be pointed out that it is reported that there are occasional homemade gingerbread men.

Shop F2, LG Floor, 33 Sharp Street, Sheung Wan

10. Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard

This community coffee shop offers both hot coffee and specialty beverages such as Almond Milk Coffee and Kefir Smoothie, which are popular at all events, including the earlier  Foodie Market .

In order to cater to the social atmosphere, Opendoor, in addition to offering broccoli fried rice for vegetarians in food, visually suggests the location of coffee straws, or even the proportion of milk foam contained in coffee. Changes really help the guest.

G/F, Shop 120, Connaught Road West, Western District

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11. 3rd Space

During the warm season, 3rd Space's seats in the outdoor alleys are definitely a good place to gather. The sponsors will continue to push new ones to create new flavors, such as the salty taste of homemade banana sauce. Caramel sauce, to meet the taste buds of customers. As long as you have a cup of coffee, friendly companions, and an all day breakfast, you can indulge in the atmosphere here; and 3rd Space away from the street, facing the court environment is also very comfortable. Hmm... Is this really the community I've been living in...?

G/F, Tai Hing Building, 22A Puk Hing Square, Sheung Wan

12. Common Ground

Here we can allow customers to sit on the big steps in front of the shop. The environment is absolutely amazing! The store is located on Chenghuang Street and has a quiet atmosphere. It is like a warm invitation for everyone to gather on the weekends. In addition, Common Ground will host special events such as the joint limited-time activities with foodie friendly Eat Ethio . In particular, Eat Ethio is also a fan of high-quality coffee, especially those from Ethiopia.

G/F, 19 King Street, City Central

13. Corner Kitchen Café

Whether you want to highlight your location or, as its name suggests, it is a combination of kitchen and coffee shop that offers simple but delicious food. This restaurant is located opposite the Hollywood Park in the name of “The Corner”. It is very attractive in all aspects. There are two storefronts and the upper floors are emerging hot spots, which is a good place for guests to take a closer look at the pedestrian streetscape. The soy-flavored flat-writing coffee has a thick texture and will serve guests with frozen lattes in glasses. Moreover, the restaurant has a detailed study of food nutrition and will quietly apply this knowledge to food. This is indeed commendable.

226 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

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Kennedy Town

14. The CoffTea Shop

The shop sells the best coffee in the neighbourhood, not one, and the pastries are equally delicious. However, the shop does not have seats, so it can only be sold out of business. Fortunately, a few steps away from the shop is the seashore with benches, and it is an ideal spot for improvising food.

G/F, Entertainment House, 78-86 Gigi Street, Kennedy Town

15. Waffling Beans

Waffling Beans, which is hidden in the building materials and mechanical shops, has written a story of success. There are many magazines, wifis, and a number of menus, all of which list every classic waffle you can think of, whether salty or sweet; all of which make this place a pleasure. Private time or a good place to meet in the afternoon. However, note that this store is always full on weekends, and they only accept bookings of six or more people.

Shop 9, G/F, Wu Fuk Building, 4-8 North Street, Kennedy Town

Still here? Um, very good. What I just talked about includes only the western part of Hong Kong Island...


16. Zai Fe vegetarian

The three founders of this coffee shop are very dedicated to the coffee culture. They are tired of local artificial syrups, seasonings to mask low-quality coffee and low-quality milk, and the culture of baristas that are nourishing themselves. So set up a coffee bar in a creative space, and provide a blend of a little Hong Kong-style high-quality coffee.

Here, fresh coffee beans leave the roaster and are sent to coffee enthusiasts within 72 hours - this fully shows how experienced baristas in the shop are proficient in keeping coffee beans in the most lived state. Make a baking and make a good cup of coffee.

Located on the terrace of Wyndham Street, “Shai Leung” is adjacent to the famous furniture store BoConcepts. Therefore, a Danish design full of styles nearby allows customers to enjoy the cappuccino while enjoying the beautiful view of the downtown area in a stylish environment. For food, there are delicious sandwiches, cakes and homemade cookies, as well as various Bonsoy drinks, making it a great choice for business lunches.

Central Tower, 73 Wyndham Street Central, Balcony

17. Hazel & Hershey

Hazel & Hershey, who celebrated its second anniversary in December last year, has always been very popular with coffee lovers in Hong Kong, and it is believed that the number of people will continue to rise because the store has been supplying very good coffee. You can't miss the Japanese style drip coffee when you come here; if you raise your flag, the weekly selection in the store will surely make you feel at ease, and this will also enable customers to keep a fresh feel for the various types of coffee in the store.

Here is also attached a video for you to feel the atmosphere of this shop (Warm Tip: If you watch this video in the office, please wear a headset, otherwise the film in the movie will inevitably make colleagues misunderstand what you are watching thing…).

Shop 3, G/F, 69 Perry Street, Central

18. Fuel Espresso (Landmark and IFC)

Being in the Fuel Expresso will bring you a feeling of modernity, elegance, brightness, seclusion, etc. This may be because you are in two of Hong Kong's most gorgeous shopping malls. The two coffee shops are just a short walk away. The interiors are all in neon light and New York style. The design is full of rich sense. The soft jazz will constantly reverberate, and the coffee as the protagonist is certainly excellent. Although the price of coffee here is high, I believe that customers will find the price of the product.

Shop B47A, The Landmark, Central

Shop 3203, Central International Finance Centre, Central

19. Zenon

Although the concept of this store is not a new idea, but after the new team took over the management and adopted the new name, Zenon is really a paradise for those waiting for their companions for long haircuts. Zenon, downstairs from Tony & Guy salon on Wellington Street, was formerly classified as Pacific Coffee. Nowadays, it has a brand new orientation and a coffee time for customers to enjoy. Unfortunately, we have not really tasted the coffee here, so the quality is yet to be verified, but we are sure that most of the members of their team have rich coffee production experience. In addition, there is a takeaway, which makes the coffee smell more!

Shop No. 86, Wellington Street, Central

20. Filters Lane

In response to the demand for “a regional coffee shop with its own roasted coffee beans,” Filters Lane settled peacefully in the Kennedy Way in the Mid-Levels in an exploration form. Looking out of the window outside the store, you will see a strange thing that takes up a certain place in this coffee paradise. However, as soon as you walk into the store, you immediately realize that it is actually a roaster. Just from this machine, a string of scent made of strong coffee scent became a good prelude to a cup of exquisite coffee.

Extend the reference ** We have this coffee shop to do a comprehensive judge , because we are really very, very fond of coffee this team.

No. 111 Caine Road, Ban Shan

21. Coco Espresso

The team pays great attention to the coffee they produce. Its four stores (one in Central, the other in Wan Chai and West Kowloon) have hallucinatory decor and very high quality coffee. At the time of the visit, an imposing and attractive three-hole Black Eagle coffee machine was in operation, and it was clearly in the final stage and was ready for a gorgeous pull. It should also be mentioned that there is also a drip coffee sale.

Shop D, G/F, Prudential Plaza, 50 Stanley Street, Central

22. Bakery Cafe on Wellington Street

The coffee here is from the branch of the brand “% Arabica” in Kyoto, Japan, which has a coffee shop at Discovery Bay. The shop serves coffee popular with Hong Kong people (that is, the three types of Ethiopian coffee at Discovery Bay). The beans are mixed and baked. The baristas are very professional and can pull out clever pull flowers. As for the store interior, it is more feminine. The lighting seems to be adjusted because the lighting of the kitchen is not in harmony with the light of the open space. . However, the dumplings, cupcakes, and all kinds of bread here are freshly made every day and they taste fresh.

73, Wellington Street, Central

Island East (Wan Chai / Causeway Bay / Tin Hau / Fortress Hill)

23. Espresso Alchemy (or Alchemy Coffee)

It is a small institution that provides specialized coffee, as the team is committed to the introduction and baking of high-quality Arabica coffee in designated areas. They are also the only members of the coffee wholesale team who hold a “Coffee Quality Appraisers” license (Q Grader approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America) and are judges of the Barista Contest. They can therefore have an unparalleled quality of baking and coffee brewing. Training and restaurant management skills. They also look at many important issues such as iron quality, air, heat, water quality, sugar, flavors and milk. Together with their location at Fortress Hill and Quarry Bay, there are also courses that are a good choice for residents of the Hong Kong Island East.

Shop 8, G/F, 4-6 Bay Street, Quarry Bay

No. 169 Electric Road, North Point

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24. Mansons Lot

Every time I walk through it, it reminds us of the Australian cafes, because the intimacy and high-quality coffee beans of this shop make it feel awake. Bonsoy drinks are also sold here, as well as a monthly selection of coffee and a Chemex beer maker. They focus on exquisite coffee and breakfast, homemade desserts, and even a glass or even hand-made beer. Therefore, if people are in Wanchai, they can visit the coffee here.

G/F, 15 Shan Tau Street, Wan Chai

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25. Unar Coffee Company

Basically a secret shop for fashionistas, Unar uses its excellent coffee skills to attract customers and has two benches outside the store to make up for lack of space. This is a good place to enjoy the good weather. The shop attracts customers with its elegantly swaying pull flowers. It is simple and effective. The iron grey wall is very urban, but with this attractive appearance, it is the cup of delicious food that everyone has to pay attention to. coffee. After enjoying coffee at Unar, explore UNAR design next door, or stroll through the lively neighbourhoods such as restaurants and snowshoes.

Tai Hang Second Lane 4

South area

26. 3/3rds

This coffee brand not only successfully attracted a large number of people in the Foodie Market , but also more powerful is that this team seems to have a bit of gold to all consumer goods. Anything as long as they fall into their hands, whether it's a combination of soup and salad, or a combination of three different types of cheese, a cheese sandwich, or even an unrequited coffee, will end up being gold. The purpose of coming here is, of course, coffee, but after visiting, you will know that this “warehouse” coffee shop does exactly match the Ottolenghi- style cuisine and the coffee brewed by the winning barista with its own environment.

Room D, 22nd Floor, Yi Ning Industrial Building, 6 Yep Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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27. Tree Cafe

Founder Nicole Wakley set up Tree to establish a beautiful, sustainable, and comfortable home life shop in Hong Kong. With regard to the concept of operations alone, it is already awe-inspiring.

Walk up to the coffee shop on the 28th floor, embrace the sea without a look, and enjoy a cup of exquisite coffee or organic juice, plus plenty of culinary choices such as homemade cupcakes, cookies, lemon cheese cakes or unusually rich chocolate brownies and more... ...with free wifi here, it's hard to get out of it when you sit down...

Ap Lei Chau Haiyi Industry & Trade Center 28th Floor

28. Elephant Grounds Coffee & Kitchen

Here is the sister shop of the coffee shop introduced for the first time in this article, and it is also listed in the " Change Lifetime Foods Below $100 " list.

Although the same quality coffee and the same atmosphere and decor as the sister stores in Sheung Wan, the area of Elephant Grounds Coffee & Kitchen is bigger and more focused on food; such as the use of Sumatra coffee beans produced in Papua New Guinea. It has earthy notes and can sprint out more richly textured coffee; coffee brewed with Brazilian Arabica coffee beans has a nutty taste and a slight sour taste. In addition to coffee , other food items such as frozen Thai milk tea , ice cream sandwiches , and weekly luncheon selections such as Japanese fried noodles are very attractive.

1/F, The Factory, 1 Yep Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen

29. Coffee Academics (Repulse Bay)

The team at Coffee Academics has been struggling to rush forward, and has opened two stores in Wan Chai and Repulse Bay this year after following the stores in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. According to the name, they will teach the customer all the knowledge about coffee, and this is really a good idea, because from the choice of origin, baking methods, to fine-tune the proportion of coffee beans, to the cup test, each step requires careful, enthusiastic , And insist on quality. In order to promote the pursuit of more perfect coffee knowledge, they also strive to reach out to customers in different ways, such as holding coffee classes from E-01 to E-05. Among them, E-05 is the top coffee classroom, and it is also subtly Named "Golden Cupping", I believe that every coffee lover would like to have the golden cuppers qualification after hearing it?

Coffee Academics's branch address

North (i.e., Kowloon)

30. Knockbox

Every Friday night, Knockbox specialises in a special selection of coffees to taste and explore with customers. Each week, they will host a “coffee premiere” from 6:30 to 10:00 pm for coffee lovers in the neighborhood. Unlimited amounts of brewed coffee. The management team has a persistent attachment to their own coffee, that is, they think that they must orthodox add a certain amount of milk to a latte or piccolo latte (3:1 for milk and coffee). However, what is most proud of them is the most original coffee. Let's try it.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the first qualified Q-grader in Hong Kong is the boss here. Of course, many people are also full of praise for the coffee here.

G/F, 21 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok

31. Studio Caffeine

There are coffee beans from a single source of origin, coffee workshops, kneadable but stimulating and uniquely prepared coffee, customers can also use an espresso tasting set for $68 to feel the width of the coffee world.

Here also watch a short video to learn about their coffee production .

284 Temple Street, Tsim Sha Tsui (near Austin Road)

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32. Kubrick

This is actually a great place. The vocabulary they have mentioned in the bookstores, Café, Innovation, Design, Imagination, Energetic Cultural Fans, Young... has been dazzling, yet, The terms "bookstore," "Café," and "fans" are appropriate. Kubrick is a place where people can search for unpopular books. Fans can also enjoy a selection of coffee while waiting to watch an independent movie.

Kubrick is half the size of a bookstore and perfectly blends in with the cafe. Both are affiliated with cinemas that play non-mainstream videos from time to time. This is an ideal haven for many students, entrepreneurs, and those who like independent movies. . There are also excellent snacks in the shop, such as Happy Cow's ice cream, meat sauce lentils and so on.

Shop H2, Junfa Garden, No. 3 Public Square, Yau Ma Tei

33. Hay fever fever Hayfever

If you are very sensitive to popular elements and would like to admire a well-designed wooden box, you will feel that this is a good place. This is a great place to relax with the coffee/gallery/florists, and the designer and aesthetics who love flowers and coffee. Here are a variety of tastings and more written experiences. Afternoon cakes, exquisite coffee, and fragrant tea bring flowers and coffee together.

G/F, 62-64 Flower Market Road, Prince Edward

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34. Cafe Sausalito

Discovering this coffee shop (pictured below) was an unexpected surprise. Cafe Sausalito, which opened in the fourth quarter of 2014, had chefs in addition to baristas, while the owner came from San Francisco (but never declined to be named). Not only does it provide quality coffee and delicious snacks, but it also hosts popular events such as inviting Vivek Mahbubhani to perform laughter and all day breakfasts are available around the clock.

201 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po

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Peripheral areas

35. Colour Brown

Freshly roasted coffee beans, experienced baristas, and typical styling, this coffee shop is regarded as a jewel in the streets of Saigon. They provide breakfast/brunch, open daily from 10am (9am on weekends). Here, you will meet the friendly and friendly service and high-quality coffee specializing in Saigon.

Sai Kung Market Street 34

36. Kelly & Moss

KELLY & MOSS is a fashion brand that supplies organic, natural and local foods in its cafes, catering operations, operations and retail affairs. The coffee here will be the reason for your visit, but their philosophy will allow you to quickly feel good about the brand: to help the earth continue to develop, but also continue to provide quality food. In addition, the clean energy they use comes from "zero carbon world" bio-fuel generators. The food served in the store will change according to the season. The caramel organic brown sugar latte in the picture below is one example.

Zero Carbon World at 8 Chang Yue Road, Kowloon Bay

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37. Accro Coffee

Geographically speaking, this coffee shop may be a bit remote, but it still takes a bit of work to taste the superior coffee? Because it is located here is the world siphonist (a brewing technology) coffee ally. The coffee beans supplied in the shop come from the places where the less popular products are: Taiwan, Italy and Hong Kong. Local people who support local production will be happy to hear about it. In addition, their flowers are also very good.

Shop 8, G/F, Fuk Cheong House, 21-27 Ma Heng Road, Yuen Long

38. 18Grams

18 Grams Alley in Saigon was judged by a world barista contest judged by the Michelin guide as a world-class brewing team. The brand development was also very smooth. It was only recently that it was successively set up in Harbour City, Sheung Wan and Wanchai. Shop, and they will even sell organic soy milk! The Hunt Guides commented that the brand “paved the way for a leisurely stay.” We really agree with this.

Stores in Sheung Wan, Central, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok and Sai Kung

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39. %Arabica

%Arabica opened its shop in Discovery Bay North Plaza in Discovery Bay in February 2013. The brand’s full name is actually “%Arabica Coffee Roaster & Farm”. The farms on the site refer to their own coffee in Kona, Hawaii. farm. Coffee roasters with coffee farms around the world are very rare and they are one of them.

The stylish interior of the store is inspired by Kyoto's sister restaurant (this also means that the store is super stylish and has super high quality). It is furnished with white and steel and brings out a city-like atmosphere. Most of the weekday's wooden table will become the "workbench" of countless MacBooks. There is also a “barista experience” service where the barista personally guides the customer how to grind the coffee beans, suppress it, and then make a latte. The process also uses the Slayer coffee machine, and for a fee, the latte is only $50. Espresso is $30.

Discovery Bay Discovery Park Plaza

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We are convinced that we have overlooked many excellent coffees. We apologize for this and seek your assistance. Foodies is also a coffee-ies. If you know a good coffee shop, we would love to know more. Share it below and share our love for coffee.


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