Latin Restaurant, Picada, to Open Next January

Latin Restaurant, Picada, to Open Next January

Picada is a restaurant opening in January which will serve South American comfort food until the wee hours of the morning

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Hong Kong’s dining scene has seen an influx of Hispanic restaurants recently as more and more restaurants serving Peruvian, Spanish, Brazilian and Mexican cuisine are introduced into Hong Kong’s melting pot of gastronomy.

The trend does not seem to be dying out with the announcement of a new Latin restaurant, Picada, set to open next January.

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Bandeja Paisa ­- a traditional Colombian meal served with a variety of sides most typical of Medellin

The new Latin restaurant will be joining into the mix with its emphasis on food that is to be shared. “Picada” essentially refers to the large platters of shared food served at large gatherings during special occasions, and the eponymous restaurant revolves around just that.

Taking cues from Columbian culture where the picada is a favourite comfort food to conclude the night with friends while sharing war stories, the Soho restaurant modernises this tradition with its casual, fun atmosphere and urban Art Decor.

The restaurant will also follow the Columbian tradition of staying open until the morning hours to accommodate a chill night out. If you are in need of a fix of comfort food during the winter months with friends, this is the restaurant to look out for next year.

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Empanadas ­- beef and onion (right), chicken with whole quail egg (right). Sauces: hogao, salsa and guacamole.
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San Cocho (chicken) ­- a hearty traditional Colombian soup that takes a whole day to prepare and is enjoyed by inviting guests over to share the day.

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Arepas rellenas con camarones ­- a corn flour based pita with shrimps in white sauce



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