December 2015 Issue of Foodie Out NOW

December 2015 Issue of Foodie Out NOW

The December 2015 issue of Foodie is out now and features sustainable seafood

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Fish out of water? More like water out of fish. It is quickly becoming apparent that there are not 'plenty more fish in the sea' and so we have devoted a whole issue to cause of sustainable seafood and why it needs to be the new standard in Hong Kong. We talk to Ocean Recovery Alliance's founder Doug Woodring about the pressing issue of sustainable seafood in the wake of a 2015 study by a team from the University of British Columbia entitled “Boom or Bust: The future of fish in the South China Sea” which revealed fish stocks in the South China Sea have fallen to less than 30% of what they were in 1950 – with some species down to just 5%. 

We look at restaurants Ovo Cafe, Fishschool, Steak Frites by Butchers Club, The Fat Pig and MyHouse in our popular restaurant review section Tried and Tasted, and jousted the best churros in the city to find the one that hit the cinnamon sugar sweet spot. 

Our recipes are done by none other than the talented team at The Ocean; Hong Kong's hottest new sustainable seafood restaurant in Repulse Bay that is James Bond meets Finding Nemo meets the Hamptons. Learn how to make their stunning dishes at home (it's more doable than you think!). 

Finally, Celia explores Bangkok in the Food Nomad, eating and drinking at powerfully spicy Isaan restaurants and hidden speakeasies in the backstreets of Thailand's capital. 


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