Jousting with Churros [Magazine Feature]

Jousting with Churros [Magazine Feature]

Not particularly easy to get your hands on, these tasty donut-like spikes are a Spanish import that we’d love to see more of. We tracked down four of HK’s options to see which ones had us saying arriba!

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The look: A deep golden colour shimmers over these long sugary spears. In a set of five, each has a light dusting of cinnamon and an immense amount of sugar crystals. Comes with accompanying ice cream topped with toasted coconut flakes and a pot of caramel sauce. They really are quite lovely looking.

The taste: Quite a crispy exterior with a light silky interior that reminds us of the inside of an egg waffle. The two textures are very separate and the experience is like a journey from one sensation to the next with a shattering crumble leading to a soft downy chew. When dipped in the light sauce, a subtle coating of melted caramel covers the tongue. We would be very happy with this as our dessert at the end of a meal.

The verdict: Worth a trip to repulse bay.

4 stars

103/104 The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, 2866 8668


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The look: Three churros served with a scoop of Movenpick ice cream, chocolate sauce and huge dollops of whipped cream.

The taste: A more cohesive churro altogether with a softer exterior dough that wasn’t crunchy but firm and had extremely deep ridges that collected excesses of sugar and cinnamon. The chocolate sauce was thick and a little went a long way. More similar to a doughnut than the others, we really enjoyed the texture and taste.

The verdict: A good standard that gives exactly what you’d expect of a churro.

3 stars

58-64 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, 2341 0380

Eyescream and Churros

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1 large with dip $24/1 large with ice cream $38

The look: One very long attractive loop served in attractive cartooned paper makes for great instagram opportunities. You can also get them “eyescreamed” with a sweet coating of your choice. We went for the straightforward sugar and cinnamon, of which there was a consistent covering, and sampled both the chocolate and salted caramel sauces. We were also interested in the lemon curd and condensed milk dips as well as their huge array of interesting ice creams.

The taste: Well, we could have just been the victims of a bad batch but it unfortunately really wasn’t very good. The very dark exterior and undercooked interior suggested perhaps the oil was too hot as when you bit in the texture was akin to mashed potato with an unpleasant flavour to the dough. It definitely needed the sauces, of which they excelled; the salted caramel was especially delicious.

The verdict: Although big, inexpensive and offer lots of choices, we did not find this churro to be worth the hike to Hung Hom.

1 star

Shop B1, G/F, Tak Man Building, 29 Tak Man Street, Hung Hom

Cali Mex

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The look: We headed to the Mong Kok branch for our tasting after discovering they make them fresh in store at this location. Three long sticks with a somewhat erratic spattering of sugar and cinnamon.

The taste: A choice of caramel or chocolate sauce, we opted for the latter and were pleased with the sweet complement to the fried pastry. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, for a fast food option, this was a-okay. Good value for money.

The verdict: We’d probably prefer to spend our calories on one of their tacos, but for a sweet fix, this’ll do the trick.

2 Stars



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