New Foraged Seaweed Dishes at Armani/Aqua

New Foraged Seaweed Dishes at Armani/Aqua

Armani/Aqua has a new menu available now featuring the superfood seaweed

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Armani/Aqua is bringing the nori, notoriously known for its health benefits as a superfood raved about by nutritionists, celebrities and health buffs alike, to its Central locale. The restaurant will be presenting the seaweed in four different dishes to continue the culinary trend from the West to the East.

The seaweed dishes is brought over to Hong Kong by Japanese head chef Paul Greening, stationed at Aqua Restaurant Group’s London outlet. The available nori dishes will include the wild foraged seaweeds with homemade black sesame dressing; kobayaki of black cod, kombu pearls and braised hijiki seaweed; as well as the robata wagyu beef sirloin, mushrooms and spirulina rice wafers.

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Wild foraged seaweeds with homemade black sesame dressing

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Kobayaki of black cod, kambu pearls and braised hjiki seaweed

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Nori seaweed infused white chocolate parfait with anori panko nougatine and berries

The seaweed are said to be specially foraged from beaches located in Ireland as well as throughout Asia, and only the best of the best, those of top grade and quality and high in fibre and iodine, will be served at Armani/Aqua. So enjoy a delicious, guilt-free meal of fine gastronomic delight at Armani/Aqua today, and know that you will not be pigging out at the expense of your health.


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