Deliveroo $500 Credit Giveaway

Deliveroo $500 Credit Giveaway

Deliveroo is giving away $500 credit to five lucky winners

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Hong Kong has a new delivery service that has everyone roo'ing around town. Over 75 partner restaurants are now available on Deliveroo with the likes of Beef & Liberty, Lily & Bloom and Grassroots Pantry, previously unaccessible from the comfort of one's home, bouncing their way to you from all over the city. 

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Deliveroo is giving 5 lucky winners $500 credit to get those kangaroos working! Click below for a chance to win and enjoy a decadent evening in or grand office lunch.

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Use the Foodie code to get $100 off your first order.

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You can also get $100 off your first delivery using the code "ROOFOODIE" upon checkout. Order with a few clicks from the iOS app or and you can even track your order to your desk or doorstep!

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