Try the Bootleg DVD-Inspired Cocktails at the Back Bar at Ham & Sherry

Try the Bootleg DVD-Inspired Cocktails at the Back Bar at Ham & Sherry

The Back Bar at Ham & Sherry has a hugely creative list of bootleg DVD-inspired cocktails that cater to film buffs and people who like to drink

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Walks into a bar, falls in love with cocktail menu.

Ryan Nightingale, head bartender at Ham & Sherry's backbar, is a clever guy. Well read and travelled, he and the movement that is JIA Group have a cracking new bar menu which is entirely a tongue-in-cheek play on bootleg DVDs. The menu might not hit you at first, until you get to the fourth page of the cocktail menu which is titled "There's Something About Sherry", replete with Cameron Diaz on the bright yellow background we've come to love and recognise. The penny drops and a frantic leafing back through the other pages to see what you have missed is what ensues. In the spirit of their new unique and hilarious list of cocktails, inspired by bootleg DVDs, the party for awards season is coming to Back Bar a little too early, and a little blurry.

The assembled is an extensive list of drinks including a coffee cocktail as well as a grapefruit ice cube, all spiced up with hints of cult classics references. His creative menu would sure initiate a guessing game as you go down the list of cocktail names that hints at different cult classic films. Choose from a list of cocktails such as There’s Something About Sherry, Pineapple Expresso, Sake Kid, and Ron Burgundy, and enjoy as these films come to life in the form of delicious alcoholic drinks.

The curated list of bootleg cocktails is now showing in Back Bar.

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Crank it to TEN - A tribute to “Say Anything” and “Spinal Tap”, this cocktail is a blend of Tanqueray No. TEN, Bianco Vermouth, grapefruit ice and soda, served on a 45 rpm vinyl record.

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Ron Burgundy - A blend of rum, burgundy syrup and perfume bitters, served in a perfume bottle decked with a “sex panther” label.

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There's Something About Sherry - A cocktail made with Amontillado, amaretto, rum, lemon and bitters served in a hair gel tub.

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Pineapple Expresso - A blend of bee pollen-infused Ocho blanco, coffee liqueur, fresh espresso and pineapple infused agave served in a bubbler glass to remind you of the good times in the film.

Whether prepping for the Oscars a little too early (and a little too blurry), the new cocktails at Ham & Sherry's Back Bar are quite simply some of the most creative we've seen in Hong Kong. The concoctions by award-winning Ryan Nightingale are fresh, fun, imaginative and very easy to imbibe. Our favourites are the Cocchi Horror Picture Sloe (#wouldorderforthename) and the Sex Panther; a formidable tipple that 60% of the time works every time. They've done studies you know.

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