January 2016 Issue of Foodie Now Available!

January 2016 Issue of Foodie Now Available!

Getting on board the fermentation train, we bring you all things gut-health enhancing in the January 2016 issue of Foodie

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 4 Jan '16

Issue 79 is our first fermentation issue—aka do it yourself sauerkraut, salsa and tomato sauce, honey cranberries and pickled cucumbers in our recipes section, all done by fermentation queen Lantaumama.

Editor in Chief Alicia Walker talks to Dr David Perlmutter is a neurologist and talks gut health and its link to certain diseases (turns out the gut bacteria play a fundamental role in regulating both the level of our immune response as well as inflammation, putting them centre stage in terms of the most pernicious medical conditions that now affect humanity). 

Keshia Hannam (Digital Editor) schools us in the art of eating well, and Yalun Tu (who is quickly becoming a favourite columnist) takes his sweetheart's parents to Lung King Heen for the all important 'impress the parents first lunch' in The Event.

We hear from our editors and bloggers on a range of restaurants from VEA restaurant to The Ocean, two hot new fine dining options in Hong Kong, and with everyone steadily selling their souls for a good mango mochi we of course had to test out which was the best in the city. 

Happy eating and thanks for reading Foodies! 



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