Foodie's 10 Most Popular Articles From 2015

Foodie's 10 Most Popular Articles From 2015

From outdoor bars to must-eat-dishes in Causeway Bay, these were our 10 most popular articles in 2015

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We can observe a couple of trends from the list of Foodie's ten most-read articles of 2015. The theme of drinking (both alcohol and coffee) remains top of mind for our readers (no surprises there); articles about outdoor bars, where to take a first time-drinker in Hong Kong, the best coffee shops and where to find the best afternoon tea all consistently reigned in 2015.

Vegetarianism is obviously on the rise in Hong Kong, with the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hong Kong coming in at number three. Michelin stars are contentious though intriguing to us all, and the results of this year's distribution was the fourth most read (despite being released fairly recently in October). The top piece, however, perfectly sums up Hong Kong, and alfresco drinking in our beloved vertical city is a interest we never want to see die. 

1. The Best Outdoor Bars in Hong Kong

Best outdoor bars in HK

Whether it's warm or cold out, try these top 15 outdoor bars and embrace all that Hong Kong is.

Article here.

2. The Best Coffee Shops in Hong Kong

The best coffee shops in hong kong

The compendium of the best coffee haunts in this magnificent city (brace yourselves, there are over 40).

Article here.

3. The Top 22 Vegetarian Restaurants in Hong Kong

The top vegetarian restaurants in hong kong

These are our picks for the top 22 vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong.

Article here.

4. The 2016 Michelin Stars for Hong Kong 

The michelin guide for hong kong 2016

The 2016 Michelin stars for Hong Kong were released in October, with new one, two and three star restaurants.

Article here.

5. The Top 7 Afternoon Teas of Hong Kong 

The top 7 afternoon teas in hong kong

With the tradition of high tea brought to us by the British colonials, here are the top 7 afternoon treats that keep us filled up.

Article here.

6. The Best New Places to Go Out in Hong Kong

The best places to go out in Hong Kong

6 of the best new places to go out on Hong Kong Island include a Berlin-themed basement bar, a Mexican grotto that just won’t stop and a grunge-funk American watering hole.

Article here.

7. 5 Absolutely-Must-Eat Dishes in Causeway Bay

Must eat dishes in Causeway Bay

5 absolutely-must-eat, quintessentially Cantonese dishes in Causeway Bay that everyone has to experience.

Article here.

8. Top 5 Bars to Take a First-Timer in Hong Kong

Best bars to take a first timer in Hong Kong to

Impress guests and solidify your person-about-town reputation.

Article here.

9. The Top 20 Happy Hour Deals in Hong Kong

Image title

A little goes a long way – and this sentiment is all too true when it comes to happy hour deals.

Article here.

10. New Coffee Shops You Need to Visit in Hong Kong

New coffee shops you need to visit in hong kong

Hong Kong is abounding with quality coffee shops these days, so we scoured the nooks and corners of the city to come up with this list of coffee shops if you're looking for something away from the cult classics.

Article here.



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