The Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Hong Kong

The Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Hong Kong

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Our top 12 picks for the best healthy meal delivery services in Hong Kong

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New year, new healthy delivery services in Hong Kong. To be fair, a lot of these have been around a while, but until we looked into the matter we have to admit even we didn't know about many of them! We figure the information will be helpful to all those who have decided this is the year for healthier, fresher food. 

Fortunately for us, the list of companies catering to wellbeing and virility is ever-growing. This list does not include the big dogs of the food delivery world like Deliveroo, as those listed below focus specifically on health.

Licking an apple for lunch and enduring the pain of a 61 day juice cleanse in an attempt to lose weight or stay healthy is so 2015–especially when vegetarian lunch boxes and meals tailored to your gym workout are available. 

12 Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Hong Kong:

1. Biorna Quantics

Biorna Quantics, Delivery Services, healthy, DNA, fitness

Based on a range of DNA, hormonal and dietary analysis, Biorna Quantics programs a list of metabolic laboratory tests, then tailors life habits to deliver the world’s finest fitness meal for your diet.

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2. Crave Healthy Food

crave healthy food, Delivery Services, organic, gluten free, vegan, online

The Crave team believes that eating right is the goal for every healthy program. Specialising in home delivery of detox juice cleanses, homemade vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals; the online shop also offers some popular products such as handmade soaps and unique wooden spoons.

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3. Eatology

eatology, Delivery Services, gourmet, healthy

Eatology offers over 100 gourmet recipes, carefully designed by their chefs and certified by a dietician. They deliver healthy, premium and pre-prepped meals to the door in just 3 business days. Available in bespoke options.

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4. Frensh

Frensh, french, fresh, aberdeen, Delivery Services, healthy, salad

French-inspired cuisine with fresh ingredients, plus FREE delivery from Central to Aberdeen! What more can you ask for?

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5. Fresh To Go

Image title

Think traditional clay pot rice (aka Bo Jai Fan), double boiled soup and Chinese stir fries. Fresh To Go serves Asian delivery meal featuring organic, free-range and natural ingredients.

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6. Greenbox Health Factory

Green Monday, Green Box, Delivery Services, healthy, low sodium, less sugar, low calorie, calorie

Aside from retailing organic and vegetarian health food products, the Greenbox works with Green Monday to provide vegetarian lunch catering services with low sodium, less sugar and less oil.

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7. Lean By Design

Delivery Services, leanxdesign, lean by design, lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or are keen on physical performance, Lean by Design is proud to customise the perfect eating plan for you and then have the meals delivered to your door. Minimal fuss; maximum results. 

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8. Mealthy Food

mealthy, mealthy food, hong kong, Delivery Services

Mealthy tells exactly how much protein is needed through two calorie plans for people interested in body-building.

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9. Nutrition Kitchen

nutrition kitchen, detox, lose weight, Delivery Services, low calorie, meal

Do you want to detox and lose weight? Start your day with a protein-packed, low-carb or low-calorie meal from Nutrition Kitchen.

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10. Paleo Taste

Image title

Looking for paleo or gluten-free options? This meal delivery service has everything from mains, to side dishes to desserts. Delicious!

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11. Secret Ingredient

secret ingredient, Delivery Services, cheap, home cook, meal, healthy

"Eat better food, cheaper, in Hong Kong" is the ethos of Secret Ingredient, who send you all the components for a recipe of your choice that you then assemble and cook in your own kitchen. A step by step guide comes alongside the ingredients, and they claim the cost is less than what you would spend at a local grocer. Most of the options are health-centric and recently they kicked off a promotion with one of the more popular juice companies in Hong Kong, Genie Juicery, called The Healthiest Week of Your Life, which includes both a juice cleanse and a three day set of meals from Secret Ingredient's catering service, NOSH Meals. 

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12. Urban Health

Image titleUrban Health promote a healthy lifestyle using a “Back to Basics” approach, with a focus in specialty catering, where they specialise in offering a gluten-free / allergy-free dining experience. In addition, the Health Home Kitchen (a component of the Urban Health brand) is always open for private dinners that will suit all dietary requirements.

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