The Good Food Tour Part I [VIDEO]

The Good Food Tour Part I [VIDEO]

What we ate at that the first Hong Kong Good Food Tour by Foodpanda

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We joined Foodpanda's 'Good Food Tour' last month, which was the first of a series of six food tours in Hong Kong focusing on a different theme each time. This tour focused on Michelin awarded and recommended restaurants where a group of bloggers and influencers ate their way around town, trying signature dishes from 3 top-notch restaurants in the Wanchai area. 

Nanxiang's xiao long bao

Xiao long bao from Nanxiang

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Braised pork knuckle from Nanxiang

The tour kick started at the esteemed Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant where the group tucked into some expert xiao long bao. We immediately understood the strong following at Nanxiang as we bit into the exquisitely thin skin that encompassed a hearty pork filling and a savoury broth, expertly done with plenty of flavour. There were murmurs around the table when the extremely tender braised pork knuckle arrived, brimming with a rich and vinegary sauce.

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50-day aged smoked beef from Atelier Vivanda

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Pommes dauphines from Atelier Vivanda

The second stop was Atelier Vivanda, a contemporary French bistro specialising in top quality meat and potato. We had a taste of their signature thinly sliced smoked beef matured for 50 days and loved the incredibly soft texture. The beef flavour was also naturally elevated when complemented with their unique homemade pepper olive oil. Their famous side dish, pommes dauphines, which are basically epic fried potato balls, were unlike any we’ve ever had with an extremely thin yet perfectly crispy skin that crumbled on first contact with our mouths to reveal a soft, mushy mashed potato interior. Perfect execution.

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Braised Hokkaido sea cucumber and goose web from Fu Ho

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Crispy fried chicken from Fu Ho

The tour concluded at a very traditional and prestigious Chinese restaurant with a long history, Fu Ho, where the group of us sampled their renowned braised hokkaido sea cucumber and goose web in brown sauce. The sea cucumber was almost crunchy in texture and readily absorbed the flavourful sauce. Eight dishes in and bursting with great food, we still attacked the crispy fried chicken with gusto as it gave way to a mouthful of moist, tender chicken with a thin, crispy crunch. 

Foodpanda are planning another five tours with a select number of bloggers and food enthusiasts and we can't wait to see where the next ones will take us in Hong Kong. 


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