6 Essential Tips for Making Coffee Healthier

6 Essential Tips for Making Coffee Healthier

New year new coffee. These 6 tips are essential if attempting to make coffee a healthy undertaking

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Coffee is life.

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Outrageously, the Frappuccino or mocha you just ordered probably contains more chemicals and sugar than anything else, so it's quite useful (read: very important) to know how to order/make a nutritious cup of coffee that is also wholly enjoyable.

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Choose The Beans

Coffee Cup, Coffee Bean

Use wet processed, single estate beans where possible. Blends are not the devil, but traceability is easier with single estate coffee. Adam McClellan who purchases green coffee for Stumptown Coffee Roasters and is based out of Portland, Oregon, says: "We see them as our premium coffees, coming from a single place, whether that be one farmer or a group of farms."

Add The Milk

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Ditch the cow milk. Go for lactose-free milks such as soymilk that is rich in protein and less saturated fat, or almond milk that helps lessen mucus inflammation. Make sure they are unsweetened because there is a tonne of sugar in faux-milks unless clearly stated otherwise.

Flavour It

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Ask the barista to omit any shots of syrup (they're also laden with refined sugars). Flavour your coffee at the spice cabinet (if out and about, Starbucks usually offer cinnamon and nutmeg at the back of the ordering counter) as cocoa powder or our favourite cinnamon, which has proven to maintain blood glucose and cholesterol level.

Sweeten It

Maple Syrup for sweetening coffee

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If you’re not used to spices and insist on sweetening your java, make a better choice of sweetener by using maple syrup, honey or Natvia, the organic stevia. These are far better substitutes for refined sugar, given they are non-carcinogenic, low calorie and completely natural, making it easier for the body to breakdown.

Do It Slow

Coffee, Drink coffee

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A small cup may be enough to get you moving along the day. Let the body to digest slowly sip by sip; feel free to opt for a straw.

Pair It

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Fat helps to slow down the work of caffeine on your blood sugar level. A good healthy breakfast that is high in natural fats such as avocado on toast and egg in a hole are great to assist in this. Try to avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

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