The Sweetest Spots [Magazine Feature]

The Sweetest Spots [Magazine Feature]

Seek out some of this city’s more unique dining spots to set the mood for a romantic and memorable meal

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This article originally appeared in the February 2016 Issue of Foodie: Beautiful Bakes

Here are a collection of some of Hong Kong’s most unique dining sites in which to stage a romantic restaurant rendezvous. Whether you can engineer a movie-like montage of cutesy moments like the shriek of delight that will ensue after revealing a hidden bar behind an unassuming umbrella shop, the surprise embrace you might win after scoring a strike on your last bowl, or simply an arm around the shoulder while snuggling into a bamboo eating pod overlooking the sea, these choices veer from the obvious for a satisfying session of amourous eating.

Dine in the Dark

Alchemy, 16 Arbuthnot Road, Central, 6821 2801

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Take away one of your senses so you can concentrate on the sound of each other’s voices in this pitch-black sensory eating experience. Your sight is literally removed, heightening all your other senses (especially your taste buds and sense of smell) as you are guided through this mouth-watering menu. Throughout the evening, they tell you when they serve a dish, but they don’t reveal what you’re actually eating! So, you get the added fun of trying to guess what’s in front of you but can also rest assured that even though you might not know what it is, it will be deliciously prepared by French chef Pascal Breant.

Must eat dish: Venison carpaccio

Average price: $1,000 for two

Get the White Glove Treatment

Amigo Mansion, 79A Wong Nai Chong Road, Happy Valley, 2577 8993

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Where good old manners and tuxedoed waiters will do all the wooing work for you, Amigo is one of Hong Kong’s most long-standing eateries. And there’s a reason it has endured; dating back to 1967, this gourmet French restaurant has continued to excel in beautiful food, gorgeous surroundings and exceptional service that will impress any lucky companion you bring to dine here. Located in Happy Valley near the racecourse, you can always strategically time your amorous evening for a Wednesday or Saturday and then try your luck at the races after your meal.

Must eat dish: Filet of beef

Average price: $1,800 for two

Strike it Lucky

Beach Bums and Cannibals, 4/F Centro, 1A Chui Tong Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, 2657 8488

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Have you ever thought to yourself, tonight I would love to go bowling but I also want to enjoy a spot of fine dining? Well, the clever minds at Beach Bums and Cannibals had the exact same thought and decided to combine the two into a one-stop-shop for bowling and elegant eating. Celebrate your date’s first strike, and the elated cuddle that follows, at this ten pin Tiki Tiki bowling alley and fine dining restaurant for a bite of steak and lobster after you lay down those pins. Located in Sai Kung, you’ll be right on the water if you want to take in the sunset or skinny dip.

Must eat dish: Flaming Boston lobster

Average price: $1,600 for two

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Engage in a Little Role Play

Popsy Modern Kitchen, 5/F, The Wellington, 184 -198 Wellington Street, Central, 2907 8188

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This “art-meets-all-day-dining” restaurant engages customers with different experiences while they eat. The newest experience on offer at Popsy Modern Kitchen is a decadent eight-course dinner and a new identity given to each diner with a set of hilariously naughty questions to ask your dining partner. You may find yourself playing a pilot on a stopover or a nurse on break from the late shift; who knows? And that’s part of the fun. Every month this interactive eatery does something different to engage its patrons and make every meal here a memorable occasion.

Must eat dish: Slow cooked egg

Average price: $2,700 for two

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Discover a Hidden Gem

Foxglove, 2/F Printing House, 6 Duddell Street, 2116 8949

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Show your love somewhere secret with a brand new speakeasy that only those in the know can find. Stroll through the opulent corridor of glass cases that at first appears to simply be the façade of an upmarket umbrella store, but then with the pull of one particular umbrella, a sliding wall reveals Foxglove; a classic cocktail bar designed to look like an airline hangar. Decked out with leather booths and live jazz for easy conversation it's the coolest place to try putting the moves on your date.

Must eat dish: Kimchi beef tartare

Average price: $1,200 for two

Let the Scenery Do the Talking

TRi Restaurant, Shop 302, 3/F, Lobby C, The Pulse, Repulse Bay, 2515 0577

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Relax with the sounds of the sea while you dine in a lotus-shaped bamboo pod at TRi in Repulse Bay. This new Balinese restaurant is visually stunning and outfitted with various different woods throughout for a calming and wowing aesthetic. They also serve up a menu of Indonesian delights to tempt the taste buds and are located directly on the beach if you fancy a seaside stroll before or after your meal.

Must eat dish: Beef short ribs

Average price: $2,000 for two



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