Things You Might Not Know About The Dining Hub in Causeway Bay

Things You Might Not Know About The Dining Hub in Causeway Bay

How Causeway Bay's hip restaurant row has evolved since the 70's into a buzzing hub of new eateries

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Fun Facts about Hang Lung's Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay

All shoppers need sustenance. When you’ve grown weary from pounding the pavement at the cutting edge boutiques that fill Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, you’ll also find yourself surrounded by a plethora of dining options within the accompanying ‘Food Street’.  This 300 foot long lane is lined with restaurants that open onto the central alfresco dining street, a cozy place to refuel and lay down those bags that are starting to leave marks on your hands and shoulders.

With the recent revamp of Fashion Walk, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a newly devised district, what with the new trendy shops and hot restaurants. On the contrary, Fashion Walk is actually a pioneer. Back in 1975, the first McDonald’s in HK opened right here as well as the very first Spanish tapas dining option to grace the 852 later in 1997. Fashion Walk has never been afraid to test the market with new concepts and they’ve continued to break new ground to this day.  They currently house the first concept stores in Asia for Elephant Grounds, Marbling by Mr. Steak, Minh & Kok, the Pacific Coffee Emporium, COEDO Taproom (the first launch globally) and Eat.It an impressive upscale food market with an elaborate kitchen.

What’s more, Fashion Walk is also extremely family friendly, particularly if you’re a dog owner. The majority of restaurants on Food Street are pet-friendly with plenty of outdoor seating.

Here are some of our top picks of the 20+ restaurants at Fashion Walk:

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Fashion Walk also works well for Hong Kongers’ varied schedules, with restaurants that open from 11am with some staying open until after midnight. Next time you find yourself shopping, strolling with your dog, or hanging with friends and family, remember the dining options are plenty at Fashion Walk.



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