Brickhouse Introduces New Executive Chef Justin Haefler

Brickhouse Introduces New Executive Chef Justin Haefler

The new chef is now presenting an exciting menu at the multi-awarded Mexican eatery

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From one of the best Mexican restaurant groups in California -
Justin Haefler, is proudly announced as the new executive chef at Brickhouse.

Justin Haefler was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, which is highly influenced by Mexican street food culture. Soon he discovered a love of creating Mexican dishes and his rapidly developing culinary skills allowed him to work closely with Rick Bayless’ restaurant's for 3 years.

Brickhouse, Justin Haefler

Now, he is joining one of the culinary teams of Maximal Concepts to work at the Brickhouse, working closely with veteran head chef, Eric Wong, to begin a new exciting menu.

Brickhouse, Prawn Star 2.0

Prawn Star 2.0

Expect a list of ingredient-focused and real Mexican dishes such as the Prawn Star 2.0 (a combination of lime garlic cabbage, chilli flake spiced shrimp and mango salsa), the mole pollo (an iconic dish of achiote marinated chicken, Mexico mole, toasted sesame seeds and grilled spring onion slaw) and the Molcajete Nachos that were introduced earlier this month.

Brickhouse, Mole Pollo, Marinated Chicken

Mole pollo

Brickhouse, Molcajete Nachos

Molcajete nachos

Their mixologists have also worked in conjunction with Justin and Eric to showcase a list of authentic Mexican cocktails to best complement the new menu.

Brickhouse, Coconut Tequila Tres Leches CakeImage title

Coconut tequila tres leches cake


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Open hours: Mon - Wed 18:00 - 02:00; Thur - Sat 18:00 - 04:00



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