Godiva Brings the Summer with its New Flavours

Godiva Brings the Summer with its New Flavours

A Hot and Cold Sensation Tops the List of New Godiva Ice Creams

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If you're aching for the cold of the winter to fade from memory, summer desserts are always a good way to get in the mood for the hotter seasons. We were salivating over these new Godiva flavours that will hopefully hurry the warm weather to our doorstep.

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Godiva Duette is a brand new sweet that includes a base of a warm chocolate lava cake with chocolate crumble as the middle layer and a swirl of soft serve on top. They promise a special experience for the senses and there is a choice of two flavours: raspberry or hazelnut. You can further personalise with your choice of soft serve: vanilla, chocolate or for the procrastinators among us, a twist of both for $80.Image title

If you prefer to drink your summer flavours, they have the Chocolixir, an icy cup of dark of milk chocolate with raspberry, mint and Earl Grey options for $50

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For ice cream purists, they have added a new flavour too with their milk coffee addition that's an appealing alternative to a cuppa joe for $50.

The new summer flavours launch April 1st at Godiva stores around Hong Kong. 


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