Food as Art. Literally

Food as Art. Literally

Many restaurants aim for each dish to be a work of art, but it'd be cuter if their food was artistic in the realism sense.

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 12 Apr '16

Sometimes parents will say "make a happy plate", meaning they want their kids to clean the plate up and therefore somehow it gets happy... But we think that maybe it's the parents job to make the plate happy, by creating exciting adventures with foods. Here are some real examples of awesome ideas to bring a plate of food from "mealtime" to "super awesome adventure meal time". Or just another way to waste time.

98% of kids agree - this is too cute to eat.

Clever there chief. Kudos on the avocado bacon sammiches though!

This is a much better interpretation of a fruit plate. 

Aww turtle peanut butter cookies. 99% of everyone agrees - too cute to eat.

No fruits? That's cool. Take the veggie train. Choo choo

Hey honey, sorry we don't have much in the fridge, but we do have boat sammiches!

And if those weren't enough of a kitchen challenge - you could always break the internet with your rice crispy treats. #omg

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