Cooking Masterclass

Cooking Masterclass

Master cooking in the confines of a cool loft led by the expertise of a charismatic Italian chef

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Andrea Oschetti, the exuberant Italian chef and founder of Cuore Private Kitchen, is a seasoned professional at fully immersing his diners in the experience of cooking and enjoying every element of the process. He is introducing a new cooking masterclass in which he will guide home chefs through key cooking concepts, methods and techniques in a fun and informal atmosphere to help his students to discover a true enjoyment of both cooking and eating. Andrea believes that cooking often looks more complex than it truly is and that all is really needed is the building blocks, a good dose of confidence and love. The class will learn these concepts together in a small group in the beautiful loft space in which Andrea works while sipping good wines and then feasting together over the class creations. 

Throughout the six nights of the course, students will focus on these valuable skills:

• Learn a range of traditional and modern cooking techniques such as roasting, grilling, poaching, stir-frying and sous vide

• Explore ingredients: vegetables, meat, seafood, grains, desserts, herbs, spices, broths, sauces

• Learn the art of dish presentation

• Discover how healthy eating can be synonymous with gourmet cuisine

• Learn how to build the essential kitchen and organise space to make life in the kitchen easy

• Educate the senses and learn the art of flavour pairing to create recipes

The masterclass will take place in Andrea's loft outside the Aberdeen Tunnel near Wong Chuk Hang. Each class will begin at 8pm and finish around 10:30pm.

For six classes, there are two seasonal sessions to choose from: 

• Spring 2016 Masterclass: 23 May, 1 June, 6 June, 13 June, 21 June, 27 June for $9,800

• Autumn 2016 Masterclass: 3 October, 11 October, 24 October, 31 October, 7 November, 14 November for $9,800 

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