The Good Food Tour: Pizza Edition [VIDEO]

The Good Food Tour: Pizza Edition [VIDEO]

A group of food writers said goodbye to their summer bodies on the pizza edition of The Good Food Tour [VIDEO]

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Pizza…you either love it, or you’re lying. Pizza will always stand by you, pizza will always stay by your side, through hard times and the good. We at Foodie take this to heart, and so we decided to pay homage to our dearest kin and join a pizza marathon with a group of food writers on the fourth edition of the Good Food Tour with foodpanda

Starting off at Grappa’s Cellar, their pizzas differ from most as they use 00 flour for the pizza base. Typically used to make pasta, the flour creates an exceptionally airy and chewy base. Among the three pizzas we tried, the Pizza Todi stood out with its mesclun leaves, arugula, salami, parma ham, capers, tomatoes, anchovies and parmesan cheese. This creation was essentially a perfect blend of a pizza and a salad, and is possibly as close as you’ll ever get to a guilt-free pizza. Yes, guilt-free pizza. Tell us that isn’t music to your ears.

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The Pizza Todi at Grappa's Cellar is essentially a salad on a crunchy base, some might even say it's guilt-free

With our pizza cravings slightly subdued, but not quite, we powered on to our second stop, Posto Pubblico, which was where things started to get intense. The Bronx Bomber topped with crumbled sausage, pepperoni and oregano was a meat fest that had us licking our fingers clean. Posto’s pizzas are all pan-fried, charred and served in an iron skillet which gives them an extra crispy crust exterior just the way we like it in a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Word of warning though, Posto’s pizzas are simply not for amateurs, devouring them takes experience and diligence, and make sure you’ve worked up an appetite because they take heavy to a whole new level.

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Deep-fried and covered in meatballs. This pizza got us licking our fingers clean at Posto Pubblico

Our pizza food tour was wrapped up at Linguini Fini, famous for serving enormous size New York-style pizzas that could easily feed eight people. Everything here is homemade from pizza dough, pepperoni down to the tomato sauce. Linguini Fini is an establishment that takes pride in using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients, and the quality certainly shows. At Linguini Fini you won’t find any of those fancy-schmancy pizzas that have little substance. Just regular, down to earth, tasty pizza that goes to proving that all it takes for a delicious pizza is piping hot cheese, pepperoni and fresh tomato on a soft, pliable crust with crisp edges, which was exactly what we had with the Bronx.

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The Bronx pizza at Linguini Fini - bigger than all our faces put together

We probably won’t be having pizzas for a while after this - we say with contention. Actually that's just a complete lie. If anything, this pizza-themed tour reminded us of how easily accessible great quality pizza is in Hong Kong and we won't be saying goodbye to these carb fests anytime soon. Goodbye summer bodies though. 

From Korean restaurants to healthy spots and pizza, foodpanda has taken us on excellent Good Food Tours around Hong Kong. We cannot wait to see where the next tour takes us. 

Written by CF Ng, photos by Mabel Lui


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