NEW: Sweetish by Honeymoon Dessert at Yuen Long Yoho Mall

NEW: Sweetish by Honeymoon Dessert at Yuen Long Yoho Mall

Innovative and healthy desserts for the sweet toothed

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Banner photo: Mango Sensation (Mango + Passion fruit) and Beauty Booster (Mango + Strawberry)($36/jar)

Honeymoon Dessert, one of the most renowned dessert chain stores in Hong Kong, has yet again expanded their business to include a new brand named Sweetish. The new brand is all about innovative desserts and specalizes in cakes, dessert pizzas, yoghurt jars and smoothies.

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One of the highlights of their menu is their "Angel" and "Devil series. The "Angel" is catered to the health-conscious and features a selection of low-calorie nutritional yoghurt jars utilising superfoods like Greek yogurt and chia seeds; while the "Devil" aims to satisfy all your guilty pleasures by offering different flavours of dessert pizza including Durian & Cheese and Banana & Nutella.

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Banana Jar(Chia Seeds + Banana + Oat + Blueberry)($42)

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Banana & Nutella Dessert Pizza ($48/serving)


Tel: 2325 4049

Shop A315B, 3/F, YOHO MALL II, Yuen Long 

Opening hours:: 11:00am to 11:00pm daily



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