Restaurant REVIEW: DiVino Patio

Restaurant REVIEW: DiVino Patio

Nourishing and delicious cuisine in Brim 28

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What’s new? Well, we’ll tell you what isn’t new, and that’s this long-standing Divino Patio chef’s commitment to using nourishing ingredients in all his dishes. We hadn’t realised his passionate resolve to ensuring his diners are ingesting items that are both delicious as well as nutritious, and from reputable, traceable sources. This is highlighted in the new menu where chef Michele Senigaglia experiments with dishes that are light, healthy and designed for those with special dietary requirements, as well as keeping all the guests old favourites on the menu as well. They have also included an optional Green Mondays meat-free selection and healthy kids' menu to reflect the requests of many Hong Kongers' changing attitude towards health-conscious eating.

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The new dishes: We sampled a slow cooked cuttlefish tagliatelle ($178) that was beautifully presented sat atop a circle of Italian black rice that was full of fibre and flavour. The baby spinach salad ($138) was chock full of things we love: quinoa, grapefruit, fresh fennel, heart of palm and pecans while the pan seared swordfish steak ($188) was simply flavoured and served with sun-blushed tomatoes, wild rocket and waffle potato chips. We gorged on the burger ($188) made from certified Fassone Piemontesem, a delicate ground beef from cattle known for their naturally lean yet tasty meat. We finished with a famous Pistocchi cake ($98) from Italy, a completely egg-free, sugar-free and gluten-free ending made with five different types of chocolate that was both sinfully delicious and perfectly pious all in one. The meal was accompanied by an Rossojbleo Nero D’avola organic wine, a radiant red that was light and fruity and an exceptional complement to the cuisine.Image title

The verdict: We left having sampled some delightful dishes and felt light but sated. It was a pleasant surprise after so many dishes to not feel weighted down and in need of a run down the harbour to shed an overstuffed feeling. We had a quick taste of a slice of the gluten-free pizza and unfortunately the stodgy unforgiving base was the only real miss of the evening (and we ached for their regular pizza base which is thankfully still on the menu as well). But we appreciated the effort and creativity that went into all these health-conscious creations (as no doubt will the gluten-intolerant) and we loved almost everything we devoured. We will be back for more lunches and dinners served in a lovely and sophisticated setting with meals that feel light on the body but full on the palate.

DiVino Patio

Shop 11, 1/F, BRIM28, Causeway Bay Centre, 28 Harbour Road, Wanchai, 2877 3552

灣仔港灣道28號Brim 28灣景中心1樓11號舖

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