Mastering Instagram

Mastering Instagram

Tips for beautifying your Instagram feed

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Andre Cheung is passionate about food and photographing it. She offers some helpful beginner hints for capturing your subject and creating an Instagram feed that's a feast for the eyes.  

Use Natural light

Like any form of photography, whether you are shooting with your iPhone or SLR, lighting is key. Try to shoot early in the morning or afternoon for the best possible light. If it's dark, use the light from your iPhone (or someone else's) to brighten the dish.

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Shoot with your eyes

This might sound obvious but always take a moment to look at the object you are shooting away from the camera and observe the perfect composition for your shot. 

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Hold it up!

Using  hands in the frame brings the object to life. 

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Use the grid feature

Shoot with the grid turned on to aid your composition. Reflection? Symmetry? A single object will usually position best at the bottom left or right, or the centre of the photograph.

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Do shoot food top-down 

Get up on your chair! When there is lots of food newly placed on the table, a colourful bird's eye view creates an interesting shot for the eye.  

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Do use photoshop to get the effect you're after. Tune the temperature; increase the exposure and contrast to sharpen the photo until you're happy with the final result.

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Choose a few select filters and you can make your Instagram feed have a consistent feel. Some popular filter apps are  VSCOcam, Afterlight, or use the basic Instagram filters.

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Action shots

Ask a friend to help you do a pouring action or cutting action while you shoot using the continuous mode in order to catch the perfect “one-second” moment.

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Play with props

A top shot of a cup of coffee may seem dull on its own. Decorating the scene with anything you have to hand such as a phone, sunglasses or a magazine can make the photo more interesting.

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All photo credit: @instagramandrex

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