Can Hong Kong Handle Four New Harlan Restaurants?

Can Hong Kong Handle Four New Harlan Restaurants?

Harlan Goldstein is back in a big way

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One of the largest personalities  in the Hong kong dining scene, has returned once again, introducing four new dining experiences in partnership with ZS hospitality group opening between the end July to September changing the face of No. 8 Lyndhurst Terrace. 

Eat Me + Drink Me

The ground floor of the terrace will be for Eat Me + Drink Me by Harlan Goldstein, a restaurant fusing the concepts between bar and restaurant. Eat Me, on the first floor includes Goldstein’s signature dishes. With his experience and expertise, each dish will be served with his own individual home styled, traditional flare. On the ground floor, Drink Me, dedicates itself to a wide array of craft beers, wines and wide selection of cocktails from around the world.  

My Tai Tai

Up to the second floor, My Tai Tai’s concept is built around a Thai woman, her exotic adventures in Thailand and her love of Thai food. The restaurant will feature authentic Thai dishes from all regions around the country, presented with a modern twist by Chef Amphon Phoomphookieo and his team. Exotic, unique, Asian cocktails made to complement the Thai cuisine will also be offered. 

Ee De La

The third floor will feature Ee Da Le, a restaurant with a European setting offering a rustic Italian dining experience. It’s interior is decorated with hanging table lamps, opera skirts and summer colours that make you think of the coast of southern Italy. The menu includes a wide variety of foods, including handcrafted pasta, Italian seafood, and a carefully curated Italian wine list. 

The fifth and sixth floor are dedicated to bringing the Latin experience to Hong Kong. The 5th with authentic Mexican street food, made by Executive Chef Edgar Navarro while Mamasita’s Cantina is a Cuban bar on the sixth floor that replicates Havana architecture from the 60’s. The bar offers a wide selection of alcohol, ranging from spirits, rums, tequilas, mezcals, craft spirits and cocktails creatively prepared to any style you desire. 

Ee Da Lee will open from the end of July 2016 onwards.

My Tai Tai will open from mid August 2016 onwards.

Mamasita’s Cantina will open from the end of August 2016 onwards.

Eat Me + Drinks will open from mid September 2016 onwards.



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