Garlic Madness

Garlic Madness

A new restaurant from Korea dedicated to all things garlic

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You've probably smelled it all the way down the block but a new Causeway Bay eatery has opened in Times Square dubbed appropriately Mad for Garlic.  

Since the store’s original launch in Korea in 2001, it has spread across 38 locations throughout the country and is one of Korea’s most successful western restaurants. Mad for Garlic carries a rustic charm and emulates a chic European winery.

Image titleThe 6-Clove Gorgonzola Penne ($128)

Along with it’s contemporary interiors, it serves modern Italian food with a Korean twist. Including wine and garlic from the region of Changnyeong-gun, a region known for being Korea’s largest and most famous producer of quality garlic. This innovative restaurant pays extra attention to balancing the flavours of their top grade garlic with their food to create the ultimate garlic cuisine. Their classics include the Garlic Bread Tower ($48) served with a generous 60 grams of garlic and a garlic puree seasoned with paprika. There's also the Dracula Killer ($68) a soft bread starter with garlic and anchovies, drizzled in olive oil as well as other signature creations including The Garlic Snowing Pizza ($108), a crispy pie baked with pineapple.

The Garlic Snowing Pizza ($108)

The Garlicholic Rice ($132)

Meat lovers will get to indulge in their selection of steaks infused with garlic and there's even a garlic ice cream served with garlic jelly and a syrup marinated garlic topped with fresh raspberry and blueberry compote sprinkled with bean powder. That sounds like a bit of a garlic overload to us, but hey, they've certainly got our attention!  

Garlic Steak ($188)

To wash down all that garlic madness, they have a well stocked wine cellar assembled to complement the garlic flavours. 

Image title

Mad For Garlic

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