Acqua Panna from Tuscany, for the Art of Dining

Acqua Panna from Tuscany, for the Art of Dining

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It comes as no surprise that food and wine are “paired” together, yet water also plays a vital part in bringing harmony to any meal, cleansing the palate to enhance the way food and wine interact. Acqua Panna natural still mineral water has a smooth, velvety and balanced taste that is unique for still water. Brilliant and crystal-clear to the eye, the soft and balanced nature of the water is pleasing to the palate, allowing for the full flavours of food and wine to emerge. Of course, it makes for the ideal companion to fine dining. And its compatibility will come as no surprise when you discover where this special elixir comes from and the provisions put in place to ensure its purity remains protected. 

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Taste of Heritage

Acqua Panna is proud of its long history. Legend suggests its estate and ancient hunting reserve dates as far back as the Renaissance period, when it was owned and managed by the famed de Medici family of Florence. This prominent Tuscan family used to spend their holidays at the Panna estate and was known for hosting sumptuous banquets and for their appreciation of fine wine and food. The de Medicis chose Acqua Panna as their mineral water for every dining occasion.

The traditional Tuscan feasts served at the banquets were, and still are, inspired by purity, simplicity and balance. That is why dishes are tasty, but never excessively elaborate in order to let the harmony of the ingredients prevail. The same balance and harmony are mirrored in Acqua Panna’s composition, making it the ideal ambassador for Tuscan style and taste in the world.

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A Natural Habitat

Acqua Panna‘s perfectly balanced composition is the result of a unique hydro-geological catchment basin, and its source lies on a 1300-hectare natural reserve that has been protected and untouched since 1564. A unique combination of woodland and cultivated farmland within the reserve helps safeguard traditions and build food resources for wild fauna.

This extraordinary water is bottled at the source and rooted in the heart of Italian culinary, artistic and historical traditions. The Acqua Panna Tuscan spring is naturally replenishing, it’s this naturally replenished water that is used for bottling, respecting the natural equilibrium of the source.

Harmony in a Glass

As the official mineral water of the International Sommeliers Association, Acqua Panna is recognised by chefs and sommeliers around the world as an important partner of haute cuisine due to its superior taste and unique qualities.

All five senses are involved in food tasting, and this also applies to water. With its rare ability to cleanse the palate, and enhance even the most delicate flavours, Acqua Panna is best matched with dishes that are simple and dominated by salty, sour or oily flavours. Wines with lighter and fruitier notes reveal simple and fragrant taste and aromas, which are perfectly matched to Acqua Panna’s light, smooth tone.

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Fine Dining Waters

Acqua Panna, together with its sparkling partner S.Pellegrino, are global ambassadors of Italian taste, style and fine dining.  Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino are dedicated to enhancing and diffusing fine dining culture throughout the world, supporting the hospitality industry and promoting emerging talents in the culinary industry. This commitment is reflected in the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition, the global scouting project to find the best young chef in the world. Visit to keep up with the latest news on this program and discover exciting stories, blogs and videos on the latest gastronomy trends.

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