Top Tips For Eating at Kaum at Potato Head

Top Tips For Eating at Kaum at Potato Head

You'll have to hipsterfy, if you want to try

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As a venue that's the exclusive domain of hipsters, it's a bit akin to a gentrified high school lunchroom, where you may find yourself feeling like a right french fry in an artisanal trolley of sweet potato spears when you enter Kaum at Potato Head. 

So here's a few helpful hints to feeling calm at Kaum, navigating their root-to-petal philosophy and scoring a seat at one of the cool communal tables: 

Grow a beard. 

Difficulty level: Easy (if you are a man). Hard (if you are not).

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Image credit: Julis 96

Try a loose, but not too loose, side braid.

For the short haired, tie a brand new, carefully ironed handkerchief into a coiffed knot and add a bright red lip. 

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Throw on some suspenders.

(Otherwise known as braces, not stocking holder uppers).

Add a bow tie.

This applies to both men and women.

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Carry a ukulele.

It's smaller than a guitar, especially if you're not actually going to play it.

Don't wear socks with your shoes.

If you're a man; opposite goes if you're a woman.

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Photo credit: Joel Bedford

If in doubt, pick up a small herb plant and carry it around with you.

And don't forget the forlorn expression.

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photo credit: Elisa Paolini



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