Weekend Baking Classes with The Butchers Club

Weekend Baking Classes with The Butchers Club

Learn to bake with a head pastry chef as your tutor

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Image title(Head pastry chef Nick Ratzlaff)

Starting from 23 July, the Butchers Club will be holding new baking classes with Head pastry chef Nick Ratzlaff. He will be teaching fellow aspiring bakers or anyone interested in baking how to make doughnuts, puffs, bagels and pastries. The Doughnut and Choux Paste Class is $1,000 per head, and aims to improve on baking techniques and skills such as whipping up pastry cream for fillings, and making and piping choux paste. You'll also get to take your hard work home with you to see if you're any good or not. 

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Along with learning how to bake, participants will also be invited to a welcoming brunch buffet served with a Bellini. Furthermore, charcuterie and a free-flow of mimosas and red or white wine will be available throughout the day so you can either celebrate the perfect choux or drown your sorrow with a disastrous doughnut. 

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Baking classes will be held in The Butchers Club Secret Kitchen on 23 July, 6 August, 10 September, 8 October, 12 November and 10 December from 11am - 5pm with a maximum capacity of 12 students per class.

For more information:

The Butchers Club

Events Page: The Butchers Club

Booking Enquiry: events@butchersclub.com.hk


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