Greenvests - A Platform for Green Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Greenvests - A Platform for Green Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Set up by Cedric Alexandra to help fellow entrepreneurs promote a more sustainable future

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Influenced by his mother, Cedric Alexandra quickly realised his passion for food, culinary art and organic farming at a young age. Having achieved his Chef Diploma in Lycée Hotelier De Lyon, France, he travelled around Europe, worked with 3-star Michelin Chef Alain Ducasse and in a 2-star Michelin Restaurant before coming to Hong Kong and becoming Executive Chef in several 5-star hotels and fine-dining restaurants.  Other than working as a chef, Cedric has also spent five years training as a graphic and web designer. He has since successfully founded and developed the local brand, Bee’s Nest in 2013, which produces organic honey right here in Hong Kong.

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Combining his love for everything organic and his experience in setting up his eco-business Bee’s Nest, Cedric founded the Greenvests eco-project investments platform to help fellow green entrepreneurs like himself in setting up their own businesses in order to promote and invest in a more sustainable future. His ethos is to ‘allow our children to keep dreaming’ as a result of eco living. The whole idea behind Bee’s Nest was also based on the fact that organic honey is both eco-valued and life enhancing. By purchasing local organic honey, or even locally grown food, it will reduce humans carbon footprint on the planet and encourage farmers to maintain a wide range of crops which gives bees more pollen options. This will therefore bring a positive impact on the environment.

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The world we live in is currently heavily polluted and waste disposal is one of the major problems haunting us. The Greenvests Eco-Project Investments Platform was created by Cedric as a ‘green revolution’ to attract and encourage more investors to fund start-up projects of other green entrepreneurs and help eco-business owners expand or sell their green businesses.  What’s so attractive about this platform is how international it is. With the funds raised from investors, entrepreneurs will be able to roll out their projects worldwide. The platform will also be translated into six different languages to accommodate different consumers.

Greenvests is made up of two major platforms: the crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs and eco-backers, and the eco-investments platform for investors. Both platforms are entirely commission free. The crowdfunding platform will be used for small cost funding projects, the development of new products and will also be used by entrepreneurs to launch their own eco-projects or existing eco-business owners to develop new products. Eco-backers worldwide will be able to access eco-projects and developments and register with the projects that they are interested in. To ensure the smooth operation of the platform, Greenvests adopts the ‘Eco-filled or Nothing’ principle where entrepreneurs have to get their projects fully funded within a period of 30-60 days to receive their funds. If the project doesn’t get any investor’s interests, the fee you paid will be refunded in full. On the other hand, the investment platform is used to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to expose their projects to investors locally, regionally or worldwide to gain funds in exchange of equities or short and long term loans.  The exposure level will depend on the type of package, i.e. local, regional or worldwide, entrepreneurs purchase.

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There are 12 main categories which projects and businesses will be categorised into, namely eco-farming, energy, green-tech, eco fashion and jewellery, health and beauty, and lastly restaurants. Fellow foodies should be especially interested in Greenvests’ Healthy Restaurant, Café & Bar Section that promotes healthy dining, recycling waste, organic restaurants, energy saving etc. If any foodies would like to promote your green project or raise money to expand or sell your eco, organic, gluten free or vegan operation or projects, proceed to the crowdfunding page and pre-register!

The ultimate goal of the Greenvests is to become the most renowned and trusted platform for ecological, healthy and green projects worldwide so that it can promote sustainability and healthy living across the world. If you support Greenvests, you will not only become a Greenvests eco-founder, your pre-registered project will enjoy special support and great features from the platform. Your project will also be ensured with high visibility and extensive help with advertising and marketing when launched. Every eco-founder will also receive a quarterly company report to follow the growth of Greenvests to ensure transparency.

 Greenvests  has just been launched on Kickstarter to raise money: Greenvests


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